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Local Blogosphere Roundup 10.25.09: Rapid Ride, NPR pledge drive, Basta Dobbs

New Rapid Ride route coming to a San Mateo near you? Wouldn't our new mayor be opposed to that?

Ah, Wilderness! informs us that living near parks and wilderness improves your health.

NPR held its fund drive this week. Did you make a pledge to public radio, beacon of sanity?

Jim Baca says "Arg" to state budget cuts.

Photos from the Basta Dobbs press conference, organized by the NMMLP and held at the NHC last week.

Urban ABQ writes an opus on how our leaders don't understand the concept of regional planning.

V.18 No.31 | 7/30/2009
Boys, I hope I can count on your vote in 2009!
M.G. Bralley

Local Blogosphere Roundup: Bail bonds, AYP, Martycrats, cops, locavorism

Sitting-by-itself-in-the-school-cafeteria Edition

What’s the story behind all those bail bonds shacks clustered around the courthouses on Fifth Street? DCF’s Adelita found out.

Scot Key deconstructs the fallacy of Adequate Yearly Progress in the zero-tolerance world of No Child Left Behind.

Here’s The Eye’s almost-incoherent discussion of Sally Mayer’s controversial mayoral forum, and why Marty labeled it unethical. Bonus points for using the term “Martycrat.”

You can hire all the cops you want, but if they can’t solve crimes, what’s the point?

And here’s an eyebrow-raising goal for New Mexico: 25% local food consumption by 2020. I’m for it!