Blogosphere Roundup

blogosphere roundup

V.19 No.3 | 1/21/2010

NM Blogosphere Roundup: Los Poblanos, ABQ Public Sprawl, hating on the Rail Runner, UrbanABQ 2009

Hating-on-the-haters edition

Posted the same day as our own debbie-downer “Albuquerque: City of Blight”, Raine K’s photo essay/walking tour of Los Poblanos Open Space reveals that there’s a lot more human-scale Burque out there than some people think. So there, haters.

Speaking of which, Coco’s down on the Albuquerque Public Sprawl Bond. She makes some good points.

Paul Gessing hates on the Rail Runner, e.g. “[Rail Runner supporters] believe that the rest of us should be asked to dig into our pockets even deeper to fund their train.” Yeah, just like “the rest of us” are asked to fund “their” highways. Or “their” fire departments. Or “their” schools. Libertarians can be funny.

And on a non-hater note: UrbanABQ’s 2009 in review.

V.19 No.1 | 1/7/2010
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NM Blogosphere Roundup: Doctor Who, backyard birds, The Hired Hand

Only-the-Important-Stuff Edition

Dave Maas doesn’t think he can relate to the new Doctor Who.

Andrea Lin thinks the biscochito ice cream sandwich at Lucia has some structural problems.

Birder’s delight: John Fleck’s backyard bird list.

Greg in the Desert falls afoul of capricious, monolithic Google.

Coco’s watching The Hired Hand (probably one of the only Westerns edited under the influence of mescaline).

Adobe Nido reminds us that Albuquerque is still a good place to live.

V.18 No.51 | 12/17/2009

NM Blogosphere Roundup: Christmas all day every day

Naughty-or-Nice-or-Just-Plain-Stupid Edition

OK, it’s the week of Christmas, Or Xmas. Or whatever you call this logjam of good will, overspending, solstice vibrations, plastic Nativity action figures and egg-less egg nog. I call it a pain in the ass. Out of the trickle of notable posts in the sphere of blogs this week, only four check off the following traditional holiday boxes:

[ ] Heartwarming

[ ] Nostalgic

[ ] Thrifty

[ ] List-a-licious

The rest of you bloggers get a coal-fired power plant in your back yard. Hey, at least it’s clean coal.

V.18 No.50 | 12/10/2009
The heart-warming holiday classic!

NM Blogosphere Roundup: Xmas movies, best and worst, wisdom and war toys

Is-it-really-the-end-of-the-decade-already? Edition

Science fiction writer Victor Milán’s favorite Christmas movie is … Die Hard? Whoa. In the same spirit, I guess mine is Brazil.

Speaking of science fiction. And favorites. MJH reveals “Number 1 on My List of the Worst Top Ten Lists of the Best Top Ten Sci-Fi Movies of the Past Decade.” I agree this list is dorky, but Primer and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are not the problem.

M.G. Bralley gives himself a retrospective on the occasion of his 300th “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” post. As always, nice pix.

Blah blah eroding our liberties blah blah. Gosh, Eye on Albuquerque is so wise. First comment on this post nicely deflates its myopia and selective memory.

Finally, just in time for Xmas, a couple of lefty-liberal anti-war-toy moments from Albuquerque's Raging Grannies and Haussamen blogger Michael Swickard. Sadly, my own opinion on this stuff is way too complex to go into here. Sniff.