V.25 No.24 | 06/16/2016
Totally professional bloopers


Sooper Bloopers!

Courtney and Rob were way too busy this week saving Arrakis from an invasion of Harkonnens, so here's a mish mash of bloopers, outtakes and some funny moments from the show thus far. Enjoy ya jabronis!
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The Daily Word 05.28.10: Guns, war and the Valles Caldera

The Daily Word

Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall introduced a bill that would give management of the Valles Caldera National Preserve to the U.S. Park Service.

Facebook is hard to break up with.

Like to shoot, but need friends? There's a social networking site to set your sights on. (Be careful, it just might be harder to leave this one.)

The unemployed may have a hard time paying June rent as Congress is set to take a Memorial Day break without passing an unemployment extension.

The New York subway system map gets a redesign.

North Korea continues to love the bomb.

$60 billion more has been allocated for the war.

Tyra Banks, still crazy.

Turns out the barber shop isn't the best place to hide out. Nice find Albuquerque.

No tornado in outer space? Boring. There is all this cool stuff though.