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V.28 No.36 | 9/5/2019

Best of Burque Ballot

Best of Burque Restaurants Voting is underway Sept. 4-18

Vote for top-ranked nominees daily

The nominations are in and the top finalists are now ready for the final round of public approbation that is Weekly Alibi’s Best of Burque Restaurants. Voting runs September 4 through September 18, noon to noon. As with the nomination phase, you can vote once per 24 hour period. So vote early, vote often and put your favorites over the top!

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V.28 No.33 | 8/15/2019

Best of Burque Ballot

Best of Burque Restaurants Nominations are wide open until Aug. 28, 2019

Finalists square off starting Sept. 4

The venerable Best of Burque Restaurants returns yet again in 2019 to take the measure of the many and varied bistros, dives, hideaways, nooks, barns, big boxes, small boxes, coffee houses and food trucks. Albuquerque continues to evolve as a restaurant-based life form, a portion of its cells dying back to make room for healthy new growth. Some of last year’s faves have gone the way of the dodo. All of this year’s faves have yet to be made manifest. That’s your job! The nominations phase runs now through Wednesday, August 28, 2019 and you can nominate your favorites once each day. (Think of it as an applause-o-meter and get cracking!)

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V.28 No.17 | 4/25/2019
Best of Burque

Best of Burque 2019

Best of the Best (of Burque)

Once again we turned to our well-traveled, well-informed, well-bred readers and asked them to inform us, for a change, about their favorite places and people in Albuquerque.

Best of Burque 2019

Life in Burque

Best City Politician to Get a Pat on the Back

Miscellaneous bests.
V.28 No.14 | 4/4/2019

Best of Burque Ballot

Best of Burque 2019 Voting Is Underway!

Phase Two runs through April 10

Yes, sports fans, the final round of Best of Burque has begun! Cast your votes March 27 through April 10 up to once per day to push your choices to the top of the polls. It’s the one time when “vote early and vote often” can lead to victory instead of a prison term, so pump up the volume and make that social media diaspora happen. Free the butterflies of promotion and let them migrate to potential voters far and wide. Or something like that. Behold, we give you the Best of Burque 2019 Reader’s Choice Ballot!

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V.28 No.12 | 3/21/2019

Best of Burque Ballot

Best of Burque 2019 Nominations Close Midnight, March 22

The original Albuquerque reader’s poll soon enters Phase Two

It’s still anybody’s game, Burqueños. Nominations run through Friday, March 22 and you can vote for your favorites each remaining day.
V.27 No.41 | 10/11/2018
Best of Burque Restaurants 2018

Best of Burque Restaurants 2018

Eat to the Beat

Every year Alibi asks its readers to give up their favorite local spots in which to consume food and drink. Here are their answers.
grilled cheese

Best of Burque Restaurants 2018

American Cuisine

Best Appetizers

These are the places voted best for American cuisine.