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The Daily Word 1.4.11: Louisiana birds die, superhero battles car thief, Tijuana beheading

The Daily Word

Not to be outdone, Louisiana joins Arkansas in its own creepy end of the world bird kill-off with 500 birds of its own.

President Obama is losing a ton of weight. Obviously some sort of Communist plot.

... And just like the raging Socialist that he is, Obama plans to sign a food safety bill calling for greater government regulation in light of all the egg and produce recalls.

The California Supreme Court ruled in favor of arresting police searching cell phones without a warrant.

Greece plans to build a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

Forget the cheap vanilla and prescription drugs; a severed head is hung from a bridge in Tijuana.

Quarterback Brett Favre finds himself in yet another sexting scandal with two massage therapists.

Real-life Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones scares of a would-be car thief.

A “panda cow” was born in Colorado.

A ten-year-old Canadian girl discoveres a supernova, becoming the youngest ever to do so.

V.19 No.41 | 10/14/2010


The Daily Word 10.12.10: Chilean miner rescue, inflatable weapons, Gap’s for the people

The Daily Word

Restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area are under “terrorist watch.”

A bus-sized asteroid skims right past Earth this Tuesday.

A strange signal has been picked up from alien planet Gliese 581g.

Check out Russia’s new inflatable weapons.

Brett Favre is accused of sexting three women.

A balloonist is shot at traveling over Texas during the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race.

A Rasmussen Poll puts Susana Martinez ahead of Diane Denish.

J’s Spa and Therapy on Tramway and Montgomery is shut down for prostitution.

It’s okay everyone, you can relax; Gap is keeping their original logo.

An armless pianist wins “China’s Got Talent.”

Trapped for 68 days, the rescue of the Chilean miners begins tonight.

Because of our sensational luck with this sort of thing lately, the moratorium on deepwater drilling is lifted.

He’s still got it, apparently; here’s a video of a woman fainting in front of Bill Clinton.

V.19 No.38 | 9/23/2010


Hangover Sports Roundup: Lobos, Cowboys falling apart, Brett Favre

College Football

It seemed fate was against the New Mexico Lobos before they even took the field on Saturday when starting quarterback B.R. Holbrook was sitting on the bench. Holbrook's hurt knee gave Brad Gruner the opportunity to lead the Lobos to their first win against the Utah Utes. But the Utes proved why they're the 14th ranked team in the country by shredding the Lobos defense for 428 yards of offense. With the defense unable to stop Utah and Gruner leaving the game with an injury, Utah's 56-14 victory seem inevitable. Despite another lopsided loss, the Lobos showed some positive signs by the performance of freshman quarterback Tarean Austin. Austin made some typical freshman mistakes but showed potential and playmaking ability. The Lobos could finally have their first victory season when facing the UNLV Rebels next week, but they'll have to win on the road to do it.

Notre Dame and Michigan State are guaranteed excitement and Saturday was no exception. Everyone including Notre Dame thought Michigan State was looking to tie the Irish in overtime. But a fake field goal play called “Little Giants” fooled Notre Dame and continued the Spartans’ undefeated season. Unfortunately, Michigan State couldn't enjoy their victory as Head Coach Mark Dantonio suffered a mild heart attack Saturday night. Dantonio is expected to make a full recovery—but how will the team react to Dantonio's absence?


The wheels are slowly starting to fall off the Dallas Cowboys bandwagon with another loss to the Chicago Bears. Three turnovers including two Tony Romo interceptions prevented the offense to fully get on track. All the credit toward the loss shouldn't fall on the mistakes of the Cowboys but instead should be given the the Bears. For the first time in their history, the Chicago Bears have a powerful offense to go along with their always tough defense. If Jay Cutler continues to throw multiple touchdowns and not turnover the ball, the Bears can easily be a NFC contender. Meanwhile the Cowboys continue to search for ways to keep their Super Bowl dreams alive.

When the Vikings went into the locker room after losing 14-10 to the Miami Dolphins, Viking players were probably wishing Brett Favre would have gone to training camp. Favre's patience and accuracy of last season has disappeared and desperation has taken over. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had 145 rushing yards and a touchdown, but three interceptions was too much for the Vikings to overcome. Even though the Dolphins won, they shouldn't feel satisfied because the Vikings had a chance to steal the victory despite four turnovers. Nevertheless, Miami's 2-0 record puts them in a great position to be the surprise winner of their division.

V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010


Brett Favre might not retire. Again.

Yesterday, the AP reported that Brett Favre, former MVP of the National Football League and Super Bowl XXXI champion, would finally retire. Favre spent most of his career with the Green Bay Packers as one of the most beloved figures in that area. He’s gone through a roller-coaster of an exit, if this is, indeed, his goodbye.

Three years ago, Favre was the face of the Packers, the quarterback who'd been with one team his whole career. He broke record after record in the 2007 season, only falling short of the ultimate goal—another Super Bowl win—in the NFC Championship Game against the New York Giants, who would ultimately win the Super Bowl.

After the glory-filled season, Favre appeared to be done. He announced his retirement, and he said that he didn't have it anymore. “I know I can play, but I don't think I want to. And that's really what it comes down to.” It was an instant classic: A good old boy had done good, he'd been with one franchise his whole career, he'd done everything a professional football player could desire and now, he was going out with some well-placed tears. Everyone could empathize with him.

Except that, four months later, Favre appeared on Fox News to say that he'd been pressured by the Packers into retiring early and that he was never fully committed to the idea. He requested a release from the organization, there was some back and forth, and finally, the Packer-for-life ended up playing for the New York Jets in 2008.

At the end of that season, Favre informed the Jets he was retiring. So they released him. Then he signed with the Minnesota Vikings (longtime rivals of the Packers, for what it's worth) and played another season of record-breaking football. Among the records Favre smashed through in 2009 was the (perhaps dubious) honor of being the only quarterback to beat all 32 teams in the NFL when his Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers. When the Vikings lost in the NFC Championship Game to the New Orleans Saints, the eventual Super Bowl winners, the Brett Favre watch officially began. Again.

So it's not so surprising to wake up this morning and see Favre, once again, out and about in the media, claiming that he might not retire after all. There's no denying that he's one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, so if he wants to play the game and he's able to do so, there's no doubt that he should be allowed to do so.

But in the short course of three years, Brett Favre has unchangeably tarnished his image. He's won more games than he's lost, so it's not like it's all been bad, but most people would agree that sports isn't purely about the product on the field or the court, or wherever it's taking place. Michael Jordan sets the precedent with his Wizards-comeback that NBA purists just try to forget, his mismanagement (notably drafting Kwame Brown first overall) and his vitriolic Hall of Fame speech.

It will be a shame if Brett Favre continues to shade his post-career impressions as the QB Who (Constantly) Cried Retirement, as opposed to simply being one of the best to ever throw a football.


The Daily Word 8.3.10: Swedish Surgery, Semen Spraying, Swim Spying

The Daily Word

A man is arrested after spraying a woman with semen in a Giant grocery store. Gross.

A live grenade was found hanging from a light pole in Lincoln Park in Chicago.

A Swedish man says “Screw this,” and sews up his own injured leg after waiting in the hospital.

Hide the swimming pools! Google Earth is watching.

A man who robbed a Wendy’s calls to complain about his meager loot.

Creepiest. Robot. Ever.

Get ready for MTE’s “Jesus Shore.” Spiky-haired messiahs anyone??

A source close to Brett Favre says he is planning to retire, finally.

The University of Georgia is named the top party school, according to The Princeton Review. Hunker Down, Dawgs.

Score! In light of the crapfest that is the economy, the New Mexico State Fair is lowering adult ticket prices and parking fees this year.

The first gubernatorial debate between Susana Martinez and Diane Denish is announced and will take place at Eldorado High School.