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The Daily Word in hidden cameras, hidden faces, thrifting for Breaking Bad threads and Americans have the right to be stupid

The Daily Word


Planet Fitness fine print flap.

Missing 14 year old Dylan Redwine's parents will be (arguing) on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow.

You will be able to buy wardrobe items from Breaking Bad at Joy Junction's thrift store starting this Wednesday.

I just wanna see his face. In bird poo.

BP is going to the mat defending itself in court.

Is a T.V. commercial a "game" if you have to yell at it to make it stop?

Here's the world's largest lunchbox collection and it is for sale!

There will only be one Netflix-produced season of Arrested Development.

You gotta fight. For your right. To be stupid (according to John Kerry.)

A hot air balloon exploded in Egypt.

V.19 No.27 | 7/8/2010


BP Offshore Oil Strike: The Game

A British toy museum has unearthed an obscure British Petroleum-themed board game from the early 1970s. The game, which has players drilling for oil in the North Sea, was recently donated to House on the Hill Toy Museum in Stanstead, Essex. Needless to say, it has become a must-see hit at the tourist attraction. Among the “Hazard” cards players in the game might face: “Blow-out! Rig damaged. Oil slick clean-up costs. Pay $1 million.” Though the game seems eerily prescient now, it was a little off on its financial estimates. On Monday, BP announced it has spent $3.12 billion cleaning up its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the original article here.

V.19 No.23 | 6/10/2010


Fun With Oil Spills

Another day, another failed attempt by BP to stop the Gulf oil spill. Oh well, at least its not in our back yard, right? But wait! With the help of the nifty website If It Was My Home, we can see what the oil spill would look like it it were taking place in New Mexico. (Huh. Sucker covers Las Vegas, Espanola, Albuquerque, Grants all the way out to the Arizona border.) For fun, you can even move that big, oily blob around the globe. Heck, stick it over England, home to British Petroleum. See what that looks like.