bros icing bros

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The Daily Word 05.25.10: Almost Deported, Zombie Jerky, Bros Icing Bros

The Daily Word

One-third of APS students are overweight.

Oops! Puerto Rican-born man is almost deported to Mexico.

When is Saddam's gay sex-tape being released?

President Obama is sending Nation Guard troops to the US/Mexico border.

You should probably cancel your trip to Jamaica.

Ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick faces five years in prison.

Sixteen things they only sell at Walmarts in China.

Now you can buy the Amityville Horror house.

Chick-fil-A is introducing its first new sandwich in almost 20 years, but you need to make a reservation to get one.

Freaky! Over the last 10 years every person who has had this phone number has died. Movie coming soon.

Teachers in Florida are in trouble for splashing holy water on an atheist.

This fake BP twitter account has more followers than the real one.

Here are some sweet images of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft.

Handy guide shows how to look like you're working when your boss is away.

Are you ready for Zombie Beef Jerky?

And now: Bros Icing Bros. Thank you Internet!

Ironic! A new study suggest sunscreen is accelerating cancer development.

There's a reality-TV power list???

The nine worst restaurant meals you can eat are …

I wonder what the cast of Doogie Howser, M.D. is up to.

At least we can agree on this: 107 commercials aired during the Lost finale was kind of too many. And not to get anyone upset or anything, but here's a video of all the show's unanswered questions.