V.26 No.11 | 3/16/2017
News City
Robert Maestas


APS Recognizes Bilingual Graduates

APS recognizes bilingual graduates, education secretaries absent for budget talks and extraction wells are cleaning the Kirtland jet fuel spill.
V.26 No.3 | 1/19/2017
Money, money, money and marijuana at the Legislature

New Mexico News

What to Expect

Money, money, money and marijuana at the Legislature

This year’s 60 day New Mexico legislative session will focus on economic issues, more economic issues and la grifa, tambien.
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The Daily Word in New Mexico land, a general's court-martial and ninjas

The Daily Word

CNM's getting a Downtown location, y'all.

Albuquerque is getting a “Living Cities” grant, which will help with Downtown revitalization, low-income residents and community improvement.

President Obama's budget proposal could result in more access to New Mexico public lands.

Three more accusers have come forward against Rusty Glanton, a tumbling coach who was accused of “criminal sexual contact of a minor” in January.

The court-martial is underway for a US general accused of sexually assault.

A transgender woman was told by CrossFit that she couldn't compete in the women's strength competition. Now she's suing them.

Brig. Gen. Peggy C. Combs is the first woman to take command of Fort Knox. Not bad.

An abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas closed its doors yesterday due to new state restrictions. The law is expected to be “fully implemented” in September, which will leave only six clinics in the state of Texas.

Wait … there's actual employment for ninjas? With no experience required? Guess I'm moving to Japan.

V.21 No.47 | 11/22/2012

Council Watch

Shop Local

Tax revenues are down, so keep the money circulating in Albuquerque this year by buying gifts from local shops, says Councilor Ken Sanchez.
V.21 No.21 | 5/24/2012

Council Watch

DA Talks Cop Juries

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg stopped in to talk to the Council about the investigative grand jury process police officers go through after they shoot someone.
V.21 No.20 | 5/17/2012

Ortiz y Pino

Budgetary Chutzpah

Paul Ryan’s pitch has got some kind of nerve

Paul Ryan’s pitch has got some kind of nerve.
V.20 No.18 |


The Daily Word: Enhanced Pat Downs, Neo-Nazis, Burger of the Future

The Daily Word

APS releases next year's budget, plans on cutting more than 400 jobs.

The man killed by APD yesterday was armed with a plastic kitchen spoon.

President Obama still enjoying the post-bin Laden assassination popularity boost.

Eight-month-old gets an enhanced pat-down at Kansas City airport.

Donald Trump doesn't know what the 13 stripes represent on the American flag.

Interesting visualization of the spread of Osama bin Laden death news thru twitter.

Ten-year-old kills his neo-nazi father.

Because sometimes it's better when your favorite TV show gets cancelled.

History of people who use the internet to convince others to commit suicide.

The truth about Groupon.

Let your kids eat some junk food already!

Man found living on roof of a Georgia Waffle House.

Read all about the Old Man of the Lake.

The most hipster state in the US is …

Are you fat enough for the new Triple Double Oreo?

Bristol Palin had surgery that gave her a new chin, but don't worry, it was for medical reasons.

Saddest mugshot ever.

Social networking cigarettes.

Slow motion video of some dudes playing with a six foot water balloon.

Equisetum is the oldest genus of land plant, over 100 million years old.

Soul Caliber 5 is coming next year.

The validity of the legal advice from Jay-Z's 99 Problems.

New retro-cartoon channel to launch 'soon.'

The burger of the future.

Who watches the Watchponies?

Happy Birthday Jeffrey Donovan!!!

V.20 No.15 |


The Daily Word: Sugar sugar, gas prices, Kobe Bryant

The Daily Word

9 things rich people don't want us to know about taxes.

OK, federal government. What's the plan?

Looks like someone got fat off the financial crisis.

State Supreme Court rules Gov. Martinez overstepped her authority when she ordered two members off the labor board.

The man killed by APD was schizophrenic, says his brother.

Press tries to understand why the mom drove her kids into the Hudson River.

Albuquerque uses its nuisance ordinance to evict people too often, judge says.

Locals find other modes of transport as gas prices spike.

Kobe Bryant ordered to pay $100,000 for uttering a gay slur about a ref.

Is sugar a toxin?

People can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines, according to an experiment.

Vice President Biden caught on camera dozing off during Obama's deficit speech.

Oregon House Rickrolls an entire session.

V.20 No.8 |


The Daily Word 03.02.11: Charlie Sheen, Rio Rancho Red Light Cameras, 3-D Porn

The Daily Word

House passes interim budget bill, averts government shutdown for another two weeks.

Red light cameras coming to Rio Rancho.

US arrests 678 gang members across the country yesterday.

Sen. Orrin Hatch: (Obamacare is a) "stupid, dumbass program."

Mike Huckabee: (Obama) "grew up in Kenya with a Kenyan father"

The Ohio senate is calling an unborn child as a witness in an upcoming abortion bill hearing. NOT CREEPY AT ALL!

How will the whole Charlie Sheen thing end?

Rutgers allows men and women to share the same dormroom.

Where do internet memes come from?

New potatoes are being bred to make better potato chips.

Did you ever hear the story about the lifeboat at the end of the world?

Japanese researchers have created a genetically engineered mouse that tweets like a bird.

Newly discovered dinosaur had the most powerful kick ever.

Japanese Burger King's are selling an egg-topped hamburger.

Watch the hummus commercial where where a grandmother calls her granddaughter a prostitute.

Gallery of the least intimidating pictures of Ice Cube.

Who owns the rights to Betty Boop?

Quinten Tarantino has finished writing his spaghetti Western.

Penthouse announces 3-D porn channel for Europe.

Google goes to war against content farms.

Happy birthday Gates McFadden!

V.20 No.7 | 2/17/2011


Public broadcasting is on the chopping block

Republicans in Congress have moved six bills that would ax all money for public media, including NPR, PBS and others. Conservatives have argued that those news outlets lean toward the left.

A letter to the editor from Polly Anderson, general manager of KNME, says the station has been valuable resource for 52 years and that it reaches 650,000 households. “Public Television is the largest provider of preschool education in New Mexico,” she wrote. (Dude. Sesame Street.)

An online campaign, 170millionamericans.org was launched to highlight the importance of public media. Americans each pay about $1.35 per year for public media, according to the site. And every month, 170 million make use of public television stations and radio stations. The site includes suggestions for how you can help. Fill out a message that can be sent to your congresspeople, or call Congress at (202) 224-3121.

V.20 No.4 | 1/27/2011


Guv would ax the state’s Commission on the Status of Women

The executive budget recommends cutting 100 percent of the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women’s funding. (What’s fun about the commission’s homepage is that it sports a big picture of Gov. Susana Martinez and congratulates her on becoming the first elected female governor.)

The agency has been around for 37 years and would be dismantled June 30 if the executive branch has its way. But the Legislative Finance Committee is in favor of funding the commission. Nothing has been decided yet.

According to the news release from Chair LaNelle Witt, the department runs on about $600,000 with a staff of seven and costs each taxpayer about 40 cents per year. More than 51 percent of the state’s population is female, she states. The commission offers workshops and training to displaced homemakers, runs a girls program and provides crisis support services, among other things.

Witt suggests sending e-mails and letters to the governor:

Governor Susana Martinez

c/o Cyndi Montoya, Director of Constituent Services

Governor’s Office, Room 400

State Capital

Santa Fe, NM 87503

or e-mail: cyndi.montoya@state.nm.us

She also mentions contacting the House Appropriations and Finance Committee to show support:

Rep. Henry Kiki Saavedra (505) 986-4316

Rep. Danice Picraux (505) 986-4438 danice.picraux@nmlegis.gov

Rep. Luciano "Lucky" Varela (505) 986-4318

Rep. Ray Begaye (505) 986-4436 ray.begaye@nmlegis.gov

Rep. Donald Bratton (505) 986-4227 don.bratton@nmlegis.gov

Rep. Brian Egolf (505) 986-4211 brian@brianegolf.com

Rep. Joni Marie Gutierrez (505) 986-4234 jonig@zianet.com

Rep. Jimmie C. Hall (505) 986-4215 jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov

Rep. Rhonda King (505) 986-4438

Rep. Larry Larranaga (505) 986-4215 larry@larranaga.com

Rep. Antonio Lujan (505) 986-4436 alujan@q.com

Rep. Patricia Lundstrom (505) 986-4435 patricia.lundstrom@nmlegis.gov

Rep. Nick Salazar (505) 986-4433

Rep. Don Tripp (505) 986-4220 trippsdon@netscape.net

Rep. Richard Vigil (505) 986-4242 rrvigil@plateautel.net

Rep. Jeannette Wallace (505) 986-4452 wallace@losalamos.com

V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010


Are across-the-board cuts at UNM slicing too deep for smaller departments?

A group called Graduate Employees Together convened at UNM's Board of Regents meeting this morning. I spoke with Liza, a member of the group's organizing committee, yesterday. Members planned to offer testimony as to why an across-the-board cut of 3.24 percent was unjust, and why a pending 5 percent cut could be even more harmful, Liza said. GET contends that the slashes in funding are greatly harming UNM's smaller programs, such as their esteemed Photo Department. The group would like to know why other financing sources—say, UNM's athletics alumni funds—aren't being tapped.

Those interested in getting involved with GET can contact the organization at unmGET@gmail.com.

V.19 No.21 | 5/27/2010

Council Bite

Budget Wounds

A standing-room-only crowd showed up to the Monday, May 24 meeting to remind the Council that cuts are losses to essential services for real people.

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V.19 No.16 | 4/22/2010

Ortiz y Pino

Hunting Elusive Budgetary Fat

Gov. Bill Richardson’s veto pen struck down the food tax and blew a giant hole in the state budget. So the need to destroy a mythical “budgetary fat” monster is sitting heavy on the shoulders of New Mexico lawmakers. Take it from me, a senator on the Senate Finance Committee.

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