Cannabis, marijuana, pot, reefer, wacky tobacky: it's on the peoples' minds so it's on politicians' minds too. Economic liberals and civil rights conservatives all want it legalized, but up to now both groups have been represented by a tiny minority in Congress. Find out how that's changing.

V.28 No.47 | 11/21/2019
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Tax Talk

Legislators eye recreational market

Lawmakers met in Santa Fe to discuss the economics of legalizing recreational marijuana; nonresident medical cannabis patients are a reality in New Mexico; FDA warns companies to stop making unsubstantiated medical claims about CBD products; poll found that support for marijuana legalization rose again among US voters.
V.28 No.46 | 11/14/2019
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

The “M” Word

Study finds no one cares

While the term “marijuana” unarguably has racist origins, those implications disappeared from the group mind generations ago.
V.28 No.45 | 11/7/2019
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Harvest Time

USDA Releases Hemp Regulations

USDA finally released regulations for hemp farming; NM DOH to hold public meeting about proposed changes to medical program; researchers studying effects of marijuana use on pregnant women; study has found that cannabis might not be very helpful with treating mental health problems.
V.28 No.44 | 10/31/2019
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Ain't Enough Room In This Joint

Legalization stirs “concerns”

Safe Access New Mexico claims to crusade against legalization in order to support medical cannabis patients; partisanship may slow cannabis reform; FDA needs to finish CBD rules.
V.28 No.43 | 10/24/2019
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Governor's Group Reports

Recommendations Made for Legalization

A group of politicians and cannabis industry leaders officially made their recommendations to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham vis-à-vis recreational cannabis legalization; battle over hemp is being waged on the Navajo Nation; vape panic blamed on black market cartridges.

Cannabis Manual

(Intro)The Chill Sets In

So much has happened in this short Year of the Pig. Marijuana isn't the pariah it used to be. It's not even the sexy rebel with rolled-up shirt sleeves that it was 12 months ago. Now everybody's doing it. Your grandma's blasé about the whole thing. Oink, oink, baby.
elephant and donkey

Cannabis Manual

Presidential Politics and Pot

Smoking with Donkeys and Elephants

Here’s a rundown of major 2020 presidential race candidates’ positions on marijuana legalization.

Cannabis Manual

Edible Voyage

Slide, Glide, Slippity-Slide

Proper dosing when consuming edible medical cannabis is an important aspect of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the plant. This is especially true when it comes to pain management, stimulating or moderating appetite and as an adjunct to relieving symptoms like muscle spasms and intestinal cramps. Here are some simple guidelines to help make such expeditions go well.
Second Harvest

Cannabis Manual

Second Harvest

What’s That Black Goo in Your Pipe?

Resin (some call it “reclaim,” but I've also heard that term used for the byproduct left after vaping wax) is a mix of tar, ash and carbon that's a byproduct of plant combustion. Here's a way to clean it out of your glassware.
vape scare

Cannabis Manual

Vaping Scare

What You Need to Know

Lately, it seems like one issue has been creating more anxiety in cannabis users than both Jeff Sessions and bud rot combined. Cannabis oil vaping-related illnesses are raging across the nation like wildfire, leaving a swath of injured people and freaked-out consumers in its wake.
Silver Kush

Cannabis Manual

Fall Fruit

Marijuana plants only take between six and 10 weeks to turn around from seed to flower—it isn't called a “weed” for nothing—so there isn't really a “harvest season” to speak of. But that doesn't mean we can't pick out some good buds to help us wind down from the summer.

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Essential Cannabis Listening

Imagine this: A heady session with an indica-dominant strain leaves you glued to your couch but hungry for thoughtful conversation about myriad topics within the cannabis industry, legalization efforts and more. Fire up your electronic device of choice and tune in to this selection of podcasts that cover a vast spectrum of cannabis topics.
Smiley Face

Cannabis Manual

A Necessarily Brief Guide to Lady Stoner Cinema

It’s a challenge to find onscreen depictions of strong female characters who also get blazed. So we’ve done some digging for you. Read on for synopses of the best in lady stoner-cinema.
Two Stoned Betties

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Art and Entrepreneurship

An Interview With Two Stoned Betties

Sara Romãn and Kayla Mansfield, self-proclaimed Burqueñas and longtime best friends, are two dynamic artists and businesswomen who make more than just jewelry. Weekly Alibi recently sat down with Two Stoned Betties for an energetic conversation about Burque work and life.

Cannabis Manual

The Buffet Is Open

Alternatives to Smoking

There's more than one way to crack an egg, peel an orange or skin a cat—and the same goes for getting your dose of medicinal marijuana. For some, smoking or vaping their medicine might seem too risky. For others, physical ailments might prevent them from comfortably hitting the pipe or pen. Well, to them, we say: Worry not.