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This Week In Games 9.26.10

10 minutes of some pretty amazing Bioshock: Infinite gameplay footage.

Lionhead Studio's 11 year-old boy simulator, Milo, got axed.

Pokemon: Black and White sold 2.6 million copies in 2 days in Japan.

The truly interesting looking Bulletstorm gets a cannonball gun.

Netflix finally treks north - Canadian PS3 and Wii owners can start streaming right now. Sorry, Canuck 360 owners, you'll have to wait until "soon" gets here.

In a not so genius move, last week Good Old Games pretended to go out of business to ... attract business. What they got was ire. And business.

StarCraft II gets its first post-launch balance patch.

Man, for a game sold on its online coop capabilities, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is missing a lot of online coop.

A Mad Max open world game? Count me in (though I hope this guy is retired).

Yep. Inception video game.

Rumor: HD collections of Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell series are coming.

Little Big Planet 2 has been delayed until next year.

Cave Story is going portable, and thankfully is being developed by the same studio (Nicalis) who put out the Wii version.

Xbox 720? Not going to happen anytime soon, says MS exec.

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Video Games

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm trying to get a StarCraft II match going with my one friend who's willing to play RTS games with as borderline an RTS player as myself. He's running on a guest pass I got with the game, and I'm hoping to burn through it before the weekend's out.

My son continues to insist I play Cave Story for him (he's still a bit young to pull off much platforming), which is still a terrific game. So far it hasn't been very difficult (I hear this persists for the duration), but I'm neither skilled nor masochistic enough to play something more challenging like Mega Man 9, which I've never managed to squeeze much more than 3 minutes of play out of. Cruel. Compared to that, Cave Story is a walk in the park. On Maui. At sunset.

How about yourselves? Any gaming in the works this weekend? Halo: Reach players, I'm looking at you ...

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StarCraft II! I got a 2 week (or 7 hours of play, whichever comes first) guest pass from a friend, and it runs out this Saturday evening. So far I'm enjoying the game, but am woefully short on chops. I may spend a good part of my remaining time playing through the tutorials, just so I can exit with some amount of dignity. The first few levels were relatively easy, but as the game has added more things to keep track of at once, my success rate pitched dramatically downward. Some of this is that I'm not the best real-time strategy person, but getting some skills could really help.

My other plan is to play Cave Story on the Wii. I've gotten through a couple of levels so far, and I'm finding it pretty terrific. I wound up buying it in a roundabout way. I was trying to explain to my son that really old Mario games existed before Super Mario Galaxy, so I got Super Mario Bros. from the Wii store to show him what the old school was like. It's just as good as it was back when I played the arcade version at my local P & C grocery store, but the absence of modern things like savegames makes it a steep hill to climb, and the constant repetition (of me dying) has bored the boy to tears. The cure for that was Cave Story. It's also a platformer, but you can save, go backwards, shoot neat guns (bubble gun!), and not die anywhere near as often as in Super Mario Bros. Better yet, you don't have to pay for it if you don't want to! Cave Story was released for free on the PC in 2004, and is easily available to this day.

How about the rest of you? Got any thing good in the works for the weekend?