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V.22 No.2 | 1/10/2013
Reel World

Reel World

Hi-Def Hitch

The Kimo Theatre kicks off Hi-Def Hitch film series and Silver Screen Saturdays. The Reel New Mexico Film Series is looking for independent films either with a strong local feel or created by local filmmakers.
V.21 No.41 | 10/11/2012
Reel World

Missing Time

Reel New Mexico, Santa Fe’s only monthly independent film series, is back on Thursday, Oct. 11, with the premiere of Missing You.
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The Daily Word in everyone's a Lobo, roaming emu, Chaplin was french?

Happy President's Day

The Daily Word

Today marks the bittersweet 50th anniversary of American space flight.

Drew Gordon goes 27 and 20 and leads the Lobos to a 65-45 win over UNLV this weekend. That was hands down the craziest game I've ever been to.

Albuquerque firefighter loses home in ... a fire.

First known person to row across the Atlantic Ocean passes away.

Santa Fe couple gets to foster an emu found roaming around in their neighborhood.

February in Yosemite is lava waterfall time.

UK man sentenced for urinating on a transformer (no, not a robot in disguise) and igniting a blast that knocked out power to 2,000 homes.

Physicists have created a transistor from a single phosphorous atom.

Dutch scientists make steps to produce first lab-grown hamburger.

Was Charlie Chaplin secretly a Frenchman? Was his name really Israel Thornstein?

Authorities find baggie filled with pot stuffed inside a peanut butter jar inside of a man's carry on.

Some artistic photos from the Westminster Dog Show.

Tattoo artist comes up with permanent solution for balding men.

Thanks to Tom and Carl for some of today's links!

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history lesson

DayBird - April 16th

1178 BC - Cunningly calculated date of the Greek king
Odysseus' return home from the Trojan War. Welcome home, Odie! He arrived around noon, to slaughter his wife’s suitors.

A total solar eclipse occurred over the Ionian islands, one of which is Ithaca, this day in April and would have coincided roughly a decade before the most often cited estimate for the sack of Troy — about 1190 B.C.

1521 – Martin Luther's first appearance before the Diet of Worms to be examined by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Edict of Worms, Imperial Diet of Worms.

1889 - Charlie Chaplin is born in London, England . The endearing figure of his “Little Tramp” is instantly recognizable and loved the world over.

1927 – Pope Benedict XVI turns 83 years old, celebrates by eating children.

1943 - Happy birthday, LSD! Kinda.
Albert Hoffman a Swiss chemist working at a pharmaceutical research laboratory, accidentally consumes LSD-25, a synthetic drug he had created in 1938. After taking the drug, Albert was disturbed by unusual sensations and trippy hallucinations. In his notes, he related the experience:

"Last Friday, April 16, 1943, I was forced to interrupt my work in the laboratory in the middle of the afternoon and proceed home, being affected by a remarkable restlessness, combined with a slight dizziness. At home I lay down and sank into a not unpleasant, intoxicated-like condition characterized by an extremely stimulated imagination. In a dreamlike state, with eyes closed (I found the daylight to be unpleasantly glaring), I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of colors. After some two hours this condition faded away."

After intentionally taking the drug again (and again, and again) to confirm that it was the cause of his altered state, he published a report announcing his discovery, and so LSD made its entry into the world as a hallucinogenic drug. This is the word of the lord. He tuned in, it was pretty psychedelic and he began to say stuff:

I think that in human evolution it has never been as necessary to have this substance LSD. It is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be.


1963 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pens his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail while incarcerated in Birmingham, Alabama for protesting against segregation.

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DayBored - March 2nd

1836 - Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Felt smothered.

1917 – Desi Arnaz (Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III), Cuban-born actor and bandleader (d. 1986).

Back in the day, studios considered the use of film an unnecessary extravagance. Desi set up a deal, that Desilu would cover the costs associated with the filming process, under the stipulation that Desilu owned/controlled all rights to the film. Arnaz's arrangement is considered to be one of the shrewdest deals in tv history. Smart. Too bad so much of our television history was lost.

1917 - Puerto Ricans granted US Citizenship as President Wood Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act.

1930 - Age 44, D.H. Lawrence dies in France. He is later exhumed, cremated and brought here to Nuevo Mexico, DH Lawrence Ranch near Taos. I’ve never been, but Iris Murdoch has.

1933 – The film King Kong opens at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

1942Lou Reed is alive.

1946Ho Chi Minh is elected the President of North Vietnam.

1978 - Two men steal the corpse of Sir Charles Chaplin from a cemetery in Switzerland, body-snatching a la machina. Chaplin died on Christmas Day in 1977, at the decrepit age of 88; his wife was like, 10. Two months later his body was stolen, sparking detectives on a mad cap adventure to find the culprits, and his body. Why was he in Switzerland? Good question. Ima tell you. He had settled in Switzerland in 1952 after he was accused of "un-American activities“, a suspected communist sympathizer. The Little Tramp was being denied a reentry visa to the U.S. He was a bad-ass filmmaker whose career spanned the silent era to talkies. Why did we play him like that? Not cool McCarthy, not cool.

Anywho, after a five-week investigation, police arrested two auto mechanics William Abbott and Louis F.Costello, who led them to Chaplin’s body in a cornfield. I wish you into a cornfield. So, yeah that happened today. Plus, vaudevillians rock.

1982 – Philip K. Dick, American author passed into the collective unconscious(b. 1928) Upon a recommendation from Nick Brown, I read, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, and found it to be the most totally awesomest book in the world. The presence of pure evil. Scared me so bad, I stopped doing drugs. Unless someone has some Chew-Z?