christian death

V.22 No.44 | 10/31/2013

Sonic Reducer

Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain · SQÜRL EP 2 · Whores. Clean

This week we listened to new and forthcoming releases from Christian Death, SQÜRL and Whores. Now with A/V previews!
V.21 No.40 | 10/4/2012
EcoVirtual / CC BY-SA 2.0


Memory, music and stealing Martin Mull’s material

I reveal some embarrassing memories, wax (sort of) poetic about the New Mexico music scene and use way too many proper nouns in my intro column, Dancing About Pueblo Revival Style Architecture. I’m a noise fan, so send me your feedback.

V.19 No.19 | 5/13/2010


Faith and the Muse Tonight

Strap on your big boots, for tonight Faith and the Muse shall purvey it’s Victorian soundscapes and goth rock on a stage near you. The duo, comprised of Monica Richards (Strange Boutique) and William Faith (Christian Death), performs at the Launchpad at 8:30 along with DJ Scary Lady Sarah.