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The Daily Word 04.23.10: Sea Lion, South Park, Porn

The Daily Word

Remember how our economy tanked? Security and Exchange Commission employees were watching porn at work while it happened.

To save money, three Santa Fe schools will be closed.

Comedy Central censors part of "South Park" after creators are threatened by a radical Muslim group.

Will the Catholic Church now address superiors' crimes against women?

After the volcano ash brouhaha, should we dump planes for blimps?

Arizona's governor could sign what would be the nation's harshest immigration bill today.

Bombs kill dozens of civilians in Iraq.

First full face transplant.

Baby sea lion found on roof of four-story building.

This white supremacist was murdered.

It's Shirley Temple's birthday. Lollipops!

V.18 No.35 | 8/27/2009

The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants: Part II

Hallelujah! My Sisyphusian task of sorting through the Alibi's ancient calendar contact records is completed. As promised, here's the second half of the extinct places I shook loose from our database, and what's become of them since. (The first half is here. ... And I knocked it down from 989 records to 650 on the nose, in unlikely event you were wondering.)


Rio Grande Yacht Club --> ?

Rio Grande Cantina --> St. Clair Winery & Bistro

Café Broadway --> Several places, all gone now

Café Voila --> ?

Town House Lounge --> Still empty

Café Next Door (it was next door to Brothers and Sisters) --> Still empty

Copeland’s Restaurant --> Still empty

Johnny Carino's --> 1st location (next to Sweet Tomatoes) empty, second (Century Rio lot) is Nick + Jimmy's (from Yanni's)

Gin Mill --> looks like a "discount steakhouse" has opened there

Café Riviera --> several galleries/cafes, all closed now

La Siringitu --> Wimpy Burger --> Little Red Hamburger Hut

Mr. K’s Chinese Restaurant (formerly New Chinatown) --> empty

Blue Corn Tap Room --> Chama River Tap Room

Jamaica Jamaica --> New "bistro" of some sort

Graze (and Kanome before that) --> Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Relaxations --> A boxing gym?

Mediterranean Café --> Quesada's

Alfredo's Coffeehouse --> empty

Marty G.’s Diner --> I think this later became that Hot Diggity Dog place over on North Second, which is also long-gone


Blu (the back half of Pulse, totally 80s) --> empty

Empire ( + G-Spot Lounge) --> half of O'Neill's

Albuquerque Mining Company --> empty

The Phoenix --> ?

District Bar & Grill --> empty

Swig (Santa Fe) --> uh, Fusion Restaurant & Night Club? No idea.

Gulp --> Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Harlow's on the Hill (which was Club Rhythm & Blues before that) --> Obama for President HQ, now empty

Ground Zero --> ?

Bear Assets Bar --> I just talked to Joe Anderson about this place. He mentioned he's working on a new venue there. Gutting the place. Installing live American roots music like blues, Rockabilly. That part of town could really use a good neighborhood joint at night.

Nuts and Bolts --> ?

Art, Performance

Laffs Comedy Club --> empty

Out ch’Yonda --> empty?

Hiland Theater --> giant meth lab

Gorilla Tango Comedy Theatre --> Village Roaster Coffee

Donkey Gallery --> empty. (and Larry Bob moved to Cruces)

Sol Arts --> Cirq

Windchime Champagne Gallery --> Empty

VERB Collective --> See "Cafe Riviera"

STOVE --> Black Market Goods

The Agency --> looks like someone's doing something in there. Anyone got any leads?


Red or Green? --> more tattoos?

Alphaville Video --> Heart + Soul salon

The Cigar Lounge --> empty

Hunab Hookah Lounge --> See VERB Collective, Cafe Riviera

V.18 No.34 | 8/20/2009
Blue Dragon: night

The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants

989. That’s how many FileMaker records need to be sifted through in order to clean up our tired old calendars database. Each record represents a venue—a bar, a gallery, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a theater—where something was or is listed in our paper. This is going to take a while.

Of course, many of these places are gone now. That’s why I’m going through all those records, to weed out the expired ones. I’ve only gone through the first 100 so far. Here’s a preliminary list of Albuquerque bar/restaurant type places that used to be but are no more, and what’s become of those addresses since.

Sisters’ and Brothers’ Bookstore was right next door to Insomnia Coffeehouse --> both are still empty

Blue Dragon --> still empty

IryshMac’s Coffeehouse --> Rasoi Indian Cuisine

Pearl’s Dive --> Blackbird Buvette

Golden West Saloon --> ash and rubble

Chelsea Street Pub & Grill --> eaten by Coronado

O’Niell’s Uptown --> Uptown Sports Bar

Le Café Miche --> still empty, right?

Midnight Rodeo/Gotham--> still empty

Rio Grande Big Dog’s Grill --> still empty, right?

Martini Grille --> Cosmo

Raw, Liquid Lounge --> Sauce, Proof

The Walls --> Farina Pizza

Our Place II --> paparazzi nightclub

Joker's Pub --> Wileys

Pulse --> still empty

La Posada de Albuquerque --> still empty

OPM --> Lotus

Sonny’s Bar and Grille --> still empty

La Piazza --> Fremonts Fine Foods

Famous Sam’s --> still empty

Brian O’Brien’s --> still empty, fire damage

Albuquerque Petroleum Club --> still empty

Assets Grille --> Independence Grill

Stella Blue --> La Provence

La Cuisine French Bistro --> 100 other restaurants that also closed

New Chinatown Restaurant --> still empty

The Paramount, Santa Fe --> a big dirt pit