V.25 No.43 | 10/27/2016

The Daily Word in Nude Clowns, Fast Food Ghosts and Anti-Martian Sentiment

The Daily Word

Here's your spooky video of the day: A snake catching cave bats. Enjoy.

A Burger King in Queens, NY dressed their entire building as the "ghost of McDonald's."

Edward Snowden tells journalists to become more "adversarial" when lobbying against state-sponsored surveillance. Technological countermeasures are not enough.

A woman from Alabama was arrested after police received calls of a partially or fully nude female wearing clown make-up and chasing cars.

The mayor of a French town refuses to lift their ban on flying saucers. If any are found, they will be impounded. And don't let the sun set on your green ass, either.

Artist Chris Locke has made a sweet how-to-draw book that looks pretty promising. Check it out.

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The Daily Word in New Mexico jobs, Costa Concordia and record-breaking rain

The Daily Word

A shooting at Washington Navy Yard broke out this morning, with police reporting that one of three possible shooters was “down,” though reports aren't clear on exactly what that means. Reports also state that at least seven people have been killed, and eight have been injured. This is still a breaking story, so check news sources for more information.

Engineers are attempting to raise the Costa Concordia cruise ship that capsized off the island of Giglio in Italy. The ship, which capsized in January of 2012, killing 32 people, is being watched closely by environmentalists who fear that a toxic spill from the ship could pollute the waters.

Search-and-rescue teams in Colorado are grounded due to heavy clouds in the sky, and more than 1,000 people are still unaccounted for after massive floods in Larimer County and surrounding areas.

New Mexico's health care system is in turmoil as an investigation looks into allegations that 15 of its largest mental health providers defrauded Medicaid of $36 million over the course of three years.

In today's city council meeting, a proposal will be introduced that will make it illegal for Albuquerque's employers to refuse paying the new minimum wage, unless they want to face criminal charges.

The number one issue in New Mexico is jobs.”

Albuquerque's rainfall over the weekend broke a record, y'all.

I think someone in Northampton took Stephen King's IT a little too seriously.

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Fantastic Fest Day 2

The annual Fantastic Fest film festival is taking place in Austin this week. It’s the largest genre-based film festival in the United States. We sent special correspondent Brennan Foster to hunt down the weirdest films, the coolest parties and the biggest star sightings he could find.

Lots of good movies get shown at a festival; and then there are those great joys, the ones that leave audiences buzzing. When they're foreign, Hollywood will likely snap up the remake rights.

Let The Right One In, The Chaser, Trollhunter and now this year’s buzzed-about French thriller, Sleepless Night, all got deals with major studios. (The haunting Let The Right One In was first to be remade as Let Me In, filmed in New Mexico.)

Now, it is my great pleasure to endorse Denmark’s Clown--a comedy that will never be remade for American audience ... ever. I also doubt the film will get any distribution in North America for reasons that I won’t reveal, but which are integral to the story.

Clown recently won the jury prize for Best Film at Montreal's Fantasia Festival. It began as a Dutch television series ("Klovn") that ran for six seasons.

Stand-up comics Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen star as versions of themselves: Frank is stuffy and self-centered; Casper is a desperate and gregarious middle-aged playboy. Together, they plan to slip away from their partners, rent a canoe and row out to a one-night-only island brothel for a "Tour de Pussy."

But when Frank attends a friend’s wedding party, he discovers his girlfriend has hidden her pregnancy from him, claiming he's not "father material." Case in point: He acts like an ass toward her pudgy 13-year-old nephew, Bo.

After he fails miserably at winning back her trust and love, Frank decides the best way to prove his parental worth is to kidnap Bo and take him along on the "Tour de P." as they tactfully rename it for childrens’ ears.

It's like "Curb Your Enthusiasm" meets The Hangover with a juvenile in tow. Frank's frustrated attempts to teach and protect Bo lead to a downward spiral, made worse at every turn by the duo's poor decisions and absent morals.

There are a lot of comedies featuring men behaving badly, but Clown's director, Mikkel Norgaard, masters the genre with a shockingly hilarious ending that had me covering my eyes and shrieking with laughter.

I won't give anything away, but trust me: In Clown, it's the little details that make the difference.

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