V.29 No.31 | 7/30/2020
The watermelon cocktail completes the summer.
Clarke Condé

Cocktail Culture

Watermelon Cocktail

Steady yourself for unrelenting Summer

Is it even possible to have summer without watermelon?
V.29 No.29 | 7/16/2020
The Dill Paloma has a great name and a bitter bite.
Clarke Condé

Cocktail Culture

The Dill Paloma

A true Margarita alternative

Dill Paloma is a name that works best for a hard-boiled gumshoe from a Noir novel, but it also serves as the term for a warm-weather cocktail, perfect for when the temperatures hit 100 degrees.
V.27 No.23 | 6/7/2018
Jessica O’Brien’s drink inspired by the first rain
Jessica O’Brien

Try This at Home

After the Rain

Jessica O’Brien’s monsoon season cocktail

After the Rain came from the Jayo’s Cocktail Pop-Up on May 21, when we got our first monsoon of the season.
V.21 No.46 | 11/15/2012

Cocktail Culture

The Spirits of Autumn

Three drinks to sip as temperatures drop

The icy, frosted cocktails of summer take a back seat to heartier liquors in the fall as we seek the warmth of our fireplaces and some drinkable companions for our holiday turkeys and hams.


Sip Into Fall

Cocktails to warm you against the chill

As the weather turns cold, what could be better than reclining by the fire on a dark evening with a delicious, warming cocktail in hand? Liquor connoisseur Greg Mays, of, offers recipes for three of his favorite Autumnal drinks to help you do just that in this web exclusive:

The Spirits of Autumn.

V.21 No.44 |


The Daily Word in voting for Lance Kerwin, Chad Kroeger and baby goats.

The Daily Word

Bob Dylan predicts an Obama victory.

Hurricane Sandy price gouging!

Baby goats wear sweaters.

Don't pee on your lawn in Oklahoma.

The Russians are coming!

Chad Kroeger commands you to look at this photograph.

There's a man-eating leopard on the loose in Nepal.

Let's all try this glowing black light cocktail.

Five technological leaps are coming soon.

Tickle the camel.

Yetis like power lines.

A Santa Fe boy didn't want to clean his room.

Albuquerque fire stations for sale.

The Ether Man is expected to plead guilty.

New Mexico border patrol!

Happy birthday, Lance Kerwin.

V.20 No.51 | 12/22/2011

video games

Webgame Wednesday: Bartender

Chances are you're going to be spending a decent amount of this coming New Year's Eve knocking back the alcoholic beverages. Get in shape with the Bartender Flash Game. Grab ingredients off the well-stocked bar, mix 'em up and see what you get. Come up with a good drink and your bartender will approve. Screw it up and he'll express his displeasure. Consider this a highly educational game for prospective drunkards.

V.18 No.33 | 8/13/2009


On a recent U.S. National Forest expedition, we broke a golden rule of camping and snapped off a piece of nature to take with us. It was to make an emerald beverage ... a pine sap-arac. Infused into a tart lemon-lime juice that's more whiskey sour mix than lemonade, this uses the bitter medicinal notes of pine to make whiskey that much sweeter. The stuff's fine hand-mixed and room temp if you're still out in the pines. But if you bring the loot back home, blended is better.

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