constitutional amendments

V.23 No.44 | 10/30/2014

Election 2014

The Obvious, the Important and the Inscrutable

The Alibi’s guide to amendments and advisory questions

Our guide to city bonds, constitutional amendments, and other mysterious items that await you at the bottom of this year’s ballot.
V.21 No.43 | 10/25/2012


Constitutional Amendments

Yes to all

Fix the PRC. Fix the Insurance Division. Get the Public Defender’s Office out from under the thumb of the governor.
V.19 No.43 | 10/28/2010

Constitutional Amendment 1

What it says: As it is, New Mexico's constitution only allows the state to offer scholarships to Vietnam veterans. Amendment 1 would let the state create a college scholarship program for veterans of wars that happened after 1990. Once the vets use their military benefits, New Mexico would kick in extra cash so all of their tuition is covered in full.

What we think: We've got a lot of veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan who deserve to go to college in New Mexico for free. This will help returning soldiers find jobs and earn decent wages. The Alibi urges you to vote in favor of this amendment.

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