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The Daily Word in a cryptid sighting, an ear canal insect and voting

The Daily Word

Absentee voting for the New Mexico general elections starts today.

This woman is searching Albuquerque's west mesa for her missing sister.

New York City water really does make the best bagels.

A prominent Santa Fean was attacked at his home.

Thou shalt probably not preach Jesus stuff when in uniform.

Doug Ford has a good chance of winning the Toronto mayoral race.

Bigfoot sighting.

Here is disturbing video of a large hideous insect being pulled out of a man's ear.

US border with Mexico is now only "the last line of defense" against illegals.

CNN needs writers with better aptitude for metaphor.

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The Daily Word in dirty needles, dirty air and decapitations on Facebook

The Daily Word

A Downtown Grower's Market vendor was poked by a used needle in Robinson Park last weekend.

A vote on the proposal that would see the city seizing the vehicles of people suspected of soliciting prostitutes while in their cars has been delayed.

Live near Central Ave? Free WiFi for you then.

Cancer diagnosis spurs Walmart employee to skim from his cash register in order to pay for treatment.

Another sea monster washed up on a beach.

Smog in and around Beijing is bad. Really bad.

With some caveats, Facebook is once again allowing beheading videos to be posted.

Malcolm Gladwell (writer for The New Yorker, author of The Tipping Point) may make local independent bookstore Bookworks a stop on his tour promoting his new work David and Goliath but only if you vote (only takes five seconds) for Albuquerque/Bookworks here.

Kool-Aid Man blooper reel.

Happy Birthday, so-called High Priest of LSD/CIA&FBI collaborator Timothy Leary.

V.22 No.28 | 7/11/2013

Cryptid Alert

Cryptid Alert! View rare film footage of a Great Emancipator.

Though most people generally accept the existence of Abraham Lincolns as fact, there has been very little scientific proof (beyond photographs, eyewitness accounts, etc.) to confirm it. Until now. This newly uncovered film footage of a Lincoln in its natural habitat provides perhaps the most compelling evidence of their existence to date. If you see one of these in the woods, don’t shoot it. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. Booth.

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The Daily Word with Migraines, Mullah Omar and Manatees

The Daily Word

Taliban leader Mullah Omar may be dead.

House Republicans pass a crazy Tea Party debt plan.

Albuquerque judge arrested and charged with rape.

Michelle Bachmann gives gets migraines.

Former Santa Fe county sheriff faces 250 counts of embezzlement.

Check out this fake Chinese Apple Store.

Leopard mauls 11 people in India.

Photos from a ghost town in Cyprus, untouched by humans for almost 40 years.

McDonald's will open a 10,000 square foot, double-decker restaurant in London, for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Your crazy wife will love these crazy milk ads.

Game of Thrones adds two new cast members.

What was the coxoplectoptera?

75 ex-football players sue the NFL for concealing brain injury risks.

The Hubble Space Telescope discovers a new moon around Pluto.

The Tea Party vs. manatees.

South Park will continue for at least two more seasons.

Loch Ness-type cryptid sighted in Alaska.

Here's the new Spike Jonze directed Beastie Boys video!

Happy Birthday Dean Winters!!!

V.19 No.46 | 11/18/2010

Cryptid Alert

Cryptid Alert: There’s a new photograph of the Loch Ness Monster.

Amid recent speculation that Nessie was finally dead, monster lovers can breathe a sigh of relief. Landscape designer Richard Preston has produced the latest conclusive evidence of a living prehistoric monster in Scotland. Whew.

V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010

Cryptid Alert

Cryptid Alert: Giant, Fanged Peruvian Nose Leeches

Yes, Virginia, there are giant nose leeches. (Thanks to Eric Johnson for the hot news tip.)

In Albuquerque, a sure sign of spring is the enormic toad emerging from the dirt by the chicken pen. (Thanks to X-14 for the toad photos.)

V.19 No.9 | 3/4/2010
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Cryptid Alert: Bigfoot Researcher Autumn Williams Gives Up Bigfoot Research

Autumn Williams has had it. She’s done researching the yeti, and explains why here for ten minutes, then continues explaining why for another two videos on her Oregon Bigfoot Blog. I, for one, am deeply saddened that she won’t be howling and banging logs in the woods anymore. Here she is in happier times discussing the yeti, and here she is playing her favorite song. And here’s a different girl performing a song about the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax. And here is the band Sasquatch.

V.18 No.36 | 9/3/2009

Cryptid Alert! Polish Yeti Ogles Bikini Babe.

19-year-old cootie model Justyna Folger was innocently wobbling around in a dirty old brook while a lecherous freund secretly videotaped her bottom. Suddenly, a yeti occurred. Do you see the yeti? Um. Kinda, I guess.

V.18 No.29 | 7/16/2009

Cryptid Alert! My Dream Girl!

Cryptid Alert! Diplodicus in Albuquerque!

A bus driver saw a Diplodicus step over a fence in Albuquerque. Reportedly.

V.18 No.28 | 7/9/2009

Cryptid Alert! Slimy Lifeform Discovered in Sewer!

Thanks to Robert Masterson for showing me this footage of slimy, pulsating things living in a North Carolina sewer pipe. The images were captured by a construction company using snake cameras to inspect sewer lines. It hurts my balls just to look at it.

The current explanation is that these are colonies of tubifex worms. Yeah, as if.

V.18 No.5 | 1/29/2009

Cryptid Alert: Yeti!

It came in the mail yesterday from Crow Jackson! So life-like...

V.17 No.49 | 12/4/2008

Cryptid Alert: Fairy

Hey, somebody got a picture of a fairy. Finally!

Cryptid Alert. Sigh.

Mormon missionaries saw some yeti footprints.

At the same time, someone has come forward claiming to have created the yeti costume used in the famous Patterson footage.

And even at the same time, alleged recordings of yeti vocalizations have been (possibly) debunked.

My life is a lie.