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V.26 No.13 | 3/30/2017
Reel World

Reel World

Time is Short

Taos Shortz Film Festival begins its final run, HUMP! exposes itself, entertainment pros mix & mingle, and Roswell Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival is taking submissions.
V.24 No.45 | 11/05/2015
Alibi Writer and Circulation Manager Geoffrey Plant was way shorter than Caitlyn Jenner in Starbucks this morning


"I am Cait" and "Here we are Hanging Out at Starbucks in Albuquerque, New Mexico"

Replied Caitlyn Jenner after I told her I worked for the local alt-weekly newspaper

There were no lights, no cameras in the Starbucks on Lomas and Broadway in Albuquerque this morning, but there was more than a little action one couldn't help notice centered around a rather tall, slim and classy-looking lady who was giving her coffee order. I can't tell you who the young entourage was that surrounded Caitlyn Jenner, but they all seemed excited to be with America's most recognizable trans celebrity and, in my opinion, themselves exuded an aura of Hollywood. Perhaps the group was all involved in Caitlyn Jenner's new project "I am Cait", which has apparently been doing some filming in New Mexico.

Truth be told, quite a few cell phone cameras did start to appear as I asked for a photo with a celebrity I realized is a celebrity twice-over. Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner, a TV star and cultural icon. Having a brief face to face with Caitlyn really brought home to me how "real" her gender transition is. She's all woman. Judging from the comments she was getting in buckets—from fans she told one of her companions were starting to "come in a bit hot"—Caitlyn Jenner genuinely inspires people and, by being so public and open about her life, has helped give the trans community a degree of acceptability that mightn't exist right now. She's singlehandedly reduced some of the hate and bigotry in American culture. I could say the same about Dan Savage and "It Gets Better" but he wasn't in my local Starbucks this morning and he isn't as pretty as Caitlyn. Gush.

V.21 No.4 |


The Daily Word in a deadly cold snap, a toddler-bitten snake, a glitterbombed writer

The Daily Word

Mother of a 13-month-old Israeli toddler says her son chewed the head off a snake.

Topless protesters detained at World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

5 teenage hikers are safe after search and rescue team led them down Sandias.

The speech Nixon had planned in case the Apollo 11 mission failed and the astronauts died on the moon makes me feel all warm and patriotic inside.

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012 full list of winners.

Gay columnist Dan Savage gets glitterbombed in Vancouver.

Tractor brewing gets cited for refilling patrons' growlers.

This milk is totally spoiled.

The lucky garden gnome of NFL victory.

Bus-sized asteroid has a “near miss” after flying by Earth at a distance of (only!) 37,000 miles.

Starbucks aims to open 50 new locations in India this year.

Heavy snow fall and plummeting temperatures have caused 28 counted deaths across east Europe.

V.19 No.46 | 11/18/2010
Dan Savage


Dan Savage says the city harassed Pornotopia out of existence

Internationally syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage opened his free weekly podcast today with a discussion of Burque.

Albuquerque’s city administration moved behind the scenes to shut down Pornotopia, he said. Savage called that harassment and censorship.

We covered the fest’s closure as it unfolded. We wrote about Pornotopia again when the city put the screws to the protest event planned in its place.

The city administration is protecting people from “a communal experience of porn,” Savage said, adding that there’s something kind of beautiful about that experience. “If you want to keep porn out of Albuquerque, you need to rip the internet out of Albuquerque,” he said. “Everything is a porn delivery system now that we rely on to take part in our modern world.”

Savage encouraged his many fans across the country begin sending letters to Mayor Richard Berry and directed them to the online letter submission form. He also suggested Pornotopia’s purveyors sue the city for a fat payout that could “endow” Pornotopia for many years.