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What's D7's Write-In David Green Up To Today?

He spent the morning knocking on doors and handing out business cards with his campaign website and a brief bio. As we speak, he's sending out e-mails, reminding people to vote.

He's put up a webpage with his responses to questions posed to official candidates by the likes of the League of Women Voters and the Albuquerque Journal. Those organizations wouldn't publish his questionnaire, he says, using the logic that if a candidate couldn't get the required signatures to get on the ballot, they weren't serious enough to include.

But Green did get the signatures. He collected more than enough. He just spaced the deadline "after losing sight of events that week," he says. If he had turned everything in on time, he would be one of two newcomers in the District 7 race. As things stand, Michael Cook will be the only candidate on the ballot. Incumbent Sally Mayer dropped out a few weeks ago.

Green already cast his ballot. He's not a Mayor Martin Chavez fan, so his vote went to Richard Romero. "I'm encouraging people to show their opposition to Chavez," he says.

He's going to drop in on the Romero and Berry campaign headquarters later this afternoon, as well as Councilors Michael Cadigan, Isaac Benton and Don Harris. "It's part of my outreach to other people on the job." He also hopes to speak with the councilor in his district, Sally Mayer, today.

He doesn't have anything in particular planned for watching the results roll in this evening. "Being a write-in is an obstacle, but it allows me to take a low profile if I do lose."

V.18 No.39 | 9/24/2009


District 7: Uptown

The Alibi endorses: no one

What a horrible thing to not endorse any candidates, especially when we started out with three hopefuls. But here's how the District 7 race has gone down: Two months ago, incumbent Sally Mayer was running for re-election against challengers David Green and Mike Cook. David Green failed to turn in his Declaration of Candidacy to the City Clerk's Office in time. His name will be absent from the ballot, although he's still running as a write-in candidate. Green doesn't appear to have a campaign website, so all we can tell you about him is this: He's a baker and this is his first time running for public office.

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