V.25 No.42 | 10/20/2016

Event Horizon

I Wool Survive

Saturday, Oct 29: Fiber Arts Guild Demo Day

Learn about wool, see demos, samples and hands-on activities in knitting, crochet, felting, weaving and spinning.
V.22 No.34 | 8/22/2013


Demonstrators Denounce Anti-Abortion Shills on Civic Plaza

A coalition of abortion-rights activists, local politicians and members of the Jewish community held a rally Tuesday afternoon in downtown Albuquerque to denounce and demand protection from domestic terrorism. About 200 people gathered on Civic Plaza and listened, as rally organizers blasted out-of-state anti-abortion activists for terrorist acts, including inappropriate protests and demonstrations at the New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum, a birthing center and the office of a local family physician.

The rally comes little more than two weeks after teens from a California-based teen anti-abortion group converged on the museum, holding a large banner declaring, “ABQ: America’s Aushwitz [sic],” while others passed out graphic photos of aborted fetuses and “wanted-style” postcards with pictures, names and addresses of local doctors. The teens were in town as a part of a public-awareness campaign supporting a proposed ballot measure to restrict late-term abortions within Albuquerque city limits.

While former Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, the rally's first speaker, gave a brief account of life before Roe v. Wade, a female rally-goer could be heard shouting, “NO MORE COAT HANGERS.” Denish recalled the days when women had to take “desperate measures” to end unwanted pregnancies.

“I am a mother of two daughters and a grandmother of two granddaughters, and I want them to have the same rights to safe abortion that has been legal for the past 40 years,” she said.

The measure, if approved, would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks, unless medical professionals deemed the pregnancy a threat to the mother’s health; it would not allow exceptions for cases of rape, incest or severe fetal anomaly. Albuquerque voters will have to decide the measure during a special election, because there isn't enough time for the City Council to approve the resolution for October’s upcoming ballot.

V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010


Abortion rights supporters to rally today

The Alibi’s reported in the past on the hundreds who turn out on Good Friday to protest in front of Planned Parenthood. Smaller demonstrations are daily events at that clinic and others.

Today, at about 4:30 p.m., Planned Parenthood of New Mexico is calling abortion rights supporters to gather at the clinic on 719 San Mateo NE. The rally is intended to express opposition to anti-choice groups that harass and intimidate abortion providers.

Project Defending Life set up shop down the street from Planned Parenthood a few years ago. Since then, it’s moved directly across the street.

During last year’s Good Friday protests, there was talk of Operation Rescue coming to town. That anti-abortion group led the protests at Dr. George Tiller’s offices in Wichita, Kan. Tiller performed third-trimester abortions, and he was shot and killed in May 2009 as he left church.

Few doctors nationwide perform late-term abortions, so Dr. Curtis Boyd of Albuquerque stepped in to fill his shoes.

Planned Parenthood calls Operation Rescue out in its news release about today’s protests:

The group engages in daily protests at clinics providing abortion services, using inflammatory signage and “Truth Trucks” with huge, graphic images of bloody, mutilated fetuses to upset patients, annoy neighbors and disrupt businesses nearby. It is significant to note that Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, Cheryl Sullenger, served two years in prison for conspiring to bomb abortion clinics.

V.19 No.11 |


We've Been in Iraq Seven Years

Each anniversary passes with less flourish, and less media weight is given to our lengthy occupation of Iraq. In Baghdad, the day passed.

Iraqis gathered to watch a bootleg copy of The Hurt Locker. The Oscar-winner, for them, is not abstract and far away as it was for audiences in other parts of the world.

Civilians can't possibly know what it's like. But we can hear the stories of those who've been there.

The writer behind the column Miss Diagnosis, Whitny Doyle, interviewed a local nurse who spent time in Abu Ghraib attending to prisoners. And Alex Limkin, who served in Iraq from 2004-2005, vigorously satirized the notion of a draft and shined a light on the economic status of our volunteer forces.

And across the country, protesters are gathering. Today at 11 a.m., demonstrators will rally at Civic Plaza to urge the United States to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. If you know of related events, feel free to add them as comments to this blog.