Diane Denish

diane denish

V.19 No.44 | 11/4/2010
Marisa Demarco


Video: Diane Denish

We endorsed Lt. Gov. Diane Denish for governor this year. During her endorsement interview, we found her articulate and knowledgeable. She’s familiar with the issues and character of New Mexico. I’ve chosen a few clips from the hour-long interview. Watch this vid and decide for yourself.

V.19 No.43 | 10/28/2010
Marisa Demarco



The Alibi endorses: Diane Denish

Job Description: Executive head of the state. Enforces laws. Appoints officers. Prepares the budget to present to the Legislature.

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V.19 No.41 | 10/14/2010

Gene Grant

Surprise and Delight

Denish needs some magic in her corner

So much early promise. So little result.

There's a line in Thomas Hine's The Great Funk: "Every part of American culture, from its leaders to its cars and even its linoleum, seemed to promise expansiveness and progress, but nothing had turned out as advertised. By 1975 the future had turned from a promise to a shock."

It's an apt description of the Richardson years. And it plagues Lt. Gov. Diane Denish’s chase for the keys to the governor’s mansion.

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The Daily Word 10.12.10: Chilean miner rescue, inflatable weapons, Gap’s for the people

The Daily Word

Restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area are under “terrorist watch.”

A bus-sized asteroid skims right past Earth this Tuesday.

A strange signal has been picked up from alien planet Gliese 581g.

Check out Russia’s new inflatable weapons.

Brett Favre is accused of sexting three women.

A balloonist is shot at traveling over Texas during the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race.

A Rasmussen Poll puts Susana Martinez ahead of Diane Denish.

J’s Spa and Therapy on Tramway and Montgomery is shut down for prostitution.

It’s okay everyone, you can relax; Gap is keeping their original logo.

An armless pianist wins “China’s Got Talent.”

Trapped for 68 days, the rescue of the Chilean miners begins tonight.

Because of our sensational luck with this sort of thing lately, the moratorium on deepwater drilling is lifted.

He’s still got it, apparently; here’s a video of a woman fainting in front of Bill Clinton.

V.19 No.40 | 10/7/2010


The Daily Word 10.5.10: laptops burning laps, sexy sesame street, loud SunChip bags

The Daily Word

You could be a victim of toasted skin syndrome if you use your laptop on your ... lap.

The country’s most dangerous neighborhood is located in Chicago.

Students in Santa Fe have to wear ID badges to class with built-in tracking devices.

There are a lot of people in Miami that have no clue what 911 is for.

Six subway stations in NYC are going to be equipped with WiFi.

Now you can be Buxom Big Bird or Titillating Telly Monster with this new line of sexy Sesame Street costumes.

The Times Square almost-bomber gets a life sentence.

Early poll results show Diane Denish trailing Susana Martinez in the gubernatorial race.

Frito-Lay is changing its packaging on SunChips due to noise complaints.

Kids in Los Angeles can choose and pay for their school lunch by fingerprint.

A man plans to trek 300 miles in his Harley ... with no hands.

V.19 No.36 | 9/9/2010

Ortiz y Pino

Clash of the Governators

Or so the Martinez camp would have us believe

Watching Susana Martinez' gubernatorial campaign ads, I've been struck by how much they seem to be in sync with many of this summer's big-budget flicks. I suppose both her politics and our taste in fantasy are reflections of our national mood in 2010.

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V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010


The Daily Word 8.3.10: Swedish Surgery, Semen Spraying, Swim Spying

The Daily Word

A man is arrested after spraying a woman with semen in a Giant grocery store. Gross.

A live grenade was found hanging from a light pole in Lincoln Park in Chicago.

A Swedish man says “Screw this,” and sews up his own injured leg after waiting in the hospital.

Hide the swimming pools! Google Earth is watching.

A man who robbed a Wendy’s calls to complain about his meager loot.

Creepiest. Robot. Ever.

Get ready for MTE’s “Jesus Shore.” Spiky-haired messiahs anyone??

A source close to Brett Favre says he is planning to retire, finally.

The University of Georgia is named the top party school, according to The Princeton Review. Hunker Down, Dawgs.

Score! In light of the crapfest that is the economy, the New Mexico State Fair is lowering adult ticket prices and parking fees this year.

The first gubernatorial debate between Susana Martinez and Diane Denish is announced and will take place at Eldorado High School.

V.19 No.30 |


The Daily Word 7.30.2010: Sexting, parking tickets and sharks

The Daily Word

News you can use: keep your sexts private!

Road trip! Saturdays and Sundays only.

The Paolo Soleri closes with Love-ett.

Don't even think about being naughty in Russia.

Prisoners don't wear Prada.

It's Shark Week, in Albuquerque.

This guy is lucky he didn't get keyed.

Will someone clone me a cute matador next?

Diane Denish flys like P-Diddy. Maybe she can buy jet fuel with food stamps.

Space debris.

Get your learn on, New Mexico.

Soda is gross.

V.19 No.8 | 2/25/2010


The Real Roundhouse

A firsthand look at the 2010 legislative session

It was Day 30. The mood in both chambers sagged. Legislators spoke testily and lacked the buoyant friendliness that usually accompanied the morning announcements, introductions and notes. Reporters settled in for a long day and night, one that wouldn't end until after 4 a.m. The final hours of the session ticked away, and Wednesday, Feb. 17, looked to be dreary, long—and surreal. A stuffed oryx head sat in a chair on the Senate floor. A Catholic priest had been at the Roundhouse in the morning hours providing ashes for Ash Wednesday. A poor version of "God Bless America" rang through the chamber with senators trailing off after the first verses.

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