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drew barrymore

V.24 No.45 | 11/5/2015
Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore

Film Review

Miss You Already

Anemic drama looks at friendship, illness

Cancer is bad but drama is formulaic in Miss You Already.
V.24 No.13 | 3/26/2015

Book Review

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Inanity

Find It In Everything: Photographs by Drew Barrymore

The heart wants what the heart wants. But probably it wants something with a little more substance than this celebrity vanity project.
V.21 No.26 | 6/28/2012
Jill-Michele Meleán headlines The Latin Comedy Jam.
Photo courtesy of The Latin Comedy Jam

Performance Preview

Comic, Comic, Comic Chameleon

Stand-up impersonator is all-over-the-place funny

Jill-Michele Meleán got started on her career path by humping her grandmother. "She would yell at me," says Meleán. "So I'd just start dry-humping her leg and then she'd start laughing. So I just kind of made the connection that if I make people laugh, they'll leave me alone.” At the tender age of 2, she picked up a lifelong habit of dealing with things through comedy.

Thirty years later, she's an acclaimed stand-up comic and established Hollywood actress. Her credits include roles as a cast member on "MADtv” as well as a recurring character on "Reno 911!" She's also a headliner on The Latin Comedy Jam, a touring act that hits the Kiva Auditorium on Saturday, June 30.
V.20 No.31 | 8/4/2011

Alibi Picks

Roller Derby Extravaganza

Roller derby has taken the entire country by storm. Hell, even Drew Barrymore directed and starred in a movie about it. It has managed to build quite the devoted following here in Albuquerque as the Duke City Derby has made its new residence in the Albuquerque Convention Center. Today, Borders at ABQ Uptown (2240 Q Street NE) hosts a Roller Derby Extravaganza, an information session for those of us still wet behind the ears when it comes to skating around the oval track. Starting at 11 a.m., meet the players, find out how to join the league, play games and win prizes, and see a demonstration of how roller derby is done. For more information on DCD and a complete schedule of upcoming events, visit dukecityderby.com.

V.19 No.35 | 9/2/2010
“What has two thumbs and loves sex?   This guy!   ... Oh, wait, I screwed that up.”

Film Review

Going the Distance

Romantic comedy about long-distance relationships comes up short

It’s common knowledge that you don’t go into a restaurant 10 minutes before closing time—odds are you’re gonna get served warmed-up leftovers, end-pieces and floor sweepings by people who just wanna go home already. The same is true, more or less, of the film industry. By September, the general population is back at school/work, the vacation funds have dried up and box office receipts have plunged precipitously. As a result, you aren’t gonna see a bunch of $100 million blockbusters hitting the local cineplex this time of year. The action movies, horror flicks and romantic comedies you’re getting from now until Thanksgiving are all gonna be strictly C-grade material.

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