V.25 No.11 | 03/17/2016

America's Favorite Drinking Holiday

A History

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is the day we celebrate St. Patrick, who did not actually drive out any snakes from Ireland, also he wasn't even Irish, but I digress. Let's be real, today is the day we drink, a day where we are all Irish. Coming from an Irish Catholic family, there are two things I learned growing up: the Irish like to drink and they have kids like it's a competition.

St. Patrick is not the patron saint of green beer, so why is his day of celebration so synonymous with drinking? In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday, and they have treated it as such. It used to be a day of going to church and culminated in a feast for dinner. However, in the early 1900's in America, Irish immigration was rising and amid a lot of discrimination, Irish Americans wanted to celebrate their heritage and also acknowledge their new home in America. To parade down the streets was an act of public pride and celebration.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in America also meant that you could have a day off from Lent, hence the drinking. Ireland didn't allow their bars to even be open on this religious holiday until the 1960s, but seeing how much fun we were having over here, they relented. And so the holiday evolved, and with it the traditions. St. Patrick's Day has gotten so big, that it is widely recognized around the world with parties and parades.

So raise a glass and drop your keys (seriously you are an asshole if you drink and drive) to the Irish in us all!

And if you want to learn more about the Irish, check out Weekly Alibi's podcast this week.

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Event Horizon

Lab Coats and Beer Goggles

Saturday, Oct 24: Science of Beer

An evening of engaging talks and activities about the science and history of beer.
V.23 No.52 | 12/25/2014


Daily Word in North Korea, Santa, drinking on the job and 2014 in hindsight.

The Daily Word

North Korea lost the Internet for nine hours.

Check out these awesome Leading Ladies of 2014!

Santa has been up to all kinds of shenanigans all over the world.

Sony defies N. Korea and authorizes screenings of “The Interview”.

Taliban push in to previously US-secured areas.

Here is a review of 2014 in pictures … wow.

NJ principal demoted for sign typos that were truly elementary.

Have a round on the Boss: Drinking at work could make you a better employee!

Sweden opens newest Icehotel.

ABQ dentist offers free care on Christmas Eve.

New Mexico CYFD gets new leadership.

Copper thieves make off with $32,000 worth of wire from Winrock.

V.22 No.49 | 12/5/2013

Book Review

Plastered Poesy

A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

Burque poet Hosho McCreesh gets sloshed and eloquent in his new collection.
V.22 No.20 | 5/16/2013

Aural Fixation

Mixed Drink Tape

Songs in the key of booze

An obsessive-compulsive editor spent three days soaking in aural alcohol, and it resulted in a lush mixtape.
V.21 No.37 | 9/13/2012


The Daily Word in Bill Clinton, Genesis and Zozobra

The Daily Word

I-25 / Paseo overhaul will be on the ballot in November.

Are you going to Zozobra tonight?

Doug Vaughan sentenced to 12 years for Ponzi scheme.

UNM considers making Lobo Village booze-free.

Ex-President Clinton at the DNC, a recap.

Wheelchair rugby players are rock stars.

Does email cause stress?

Freddie Mercury’s private cultural identity.

Prog awards honor Genesis.

Hungarian artist makes a subway stop magical.

Voyager’s getting close to the edge of the solar system.

Sun burp.

NASA’s Sunita Williams fixes the International Space Station with a toothbrush.

Jennifer Aniston’s going to be in a movie shooting in New Mexico soon.

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News Year's Eve: Already Sucking!

We're trying to drink vodka and Gatorade but only the wine glasses are clean.

V.19 No.35 | 9/2/2010


The Daily Word 8.31.10: Hurricane Earl is coming, Ron Paul is skeptical, drinkers outlive non-drinkers

The Daily Word

Hurricane Earl: Coming to an East Coast city near you.

Ron Paul doesn’t think there’s gold in Fort Knox.

This study claims moderate drinkers live longer lives than non-drinkers. Wha?

A Molotov cocktail is hurled at a Cancun bar, killing eight.

A mobile meth lab is discovered near Coronado Mall.

That big red $5.4 million dollar bicycle bridge visible from I-40 is finally unveiled.

Always a good hair day; NFL star Troy Polamalu’s hair is insured for $1 million by Head and Shoulders.

A 70-year-old woman fights off two purse snatchers. Go, Grandma!


APD will be sending minors to bars this weekend

Police spokesperson Nadine Hamby confirmed that tonight and tomorrow night between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., APD will send people under 21 into businesses that sell and serve alcohol. This means bars and liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. This citywide sting is part of an effort to curb underage drinking.

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Taos Lightning, Nymphs du Prairie & the Necktie Social

Exploring The Lonesome Trail of Western Slang

It has been my pleasure to conduct some amateur research
into the world of western slang. So many dysfunctional western legends originate with booze. Still true today. Phrases like "apple jack," "bottled courage" and "Taos Lightning" describe liquor products of the past.

Sex may follow the Booze. Usually the brothel was located upstairs, similar to the luxury hotel downtown. Prostitutes were known as "calico queens," "nannys," or "Nymphs du Prairie " A group of "painted ladies" being delivered by horse&wagon along the cattle trail was called a "cat wagon." ...hence the origin of the phrase "them Cowboys got lucky!" -referring to the mobile sex service.

The wild west … where people worked hard and played harder. The players were cowboys, cooks, lawmen, marms & muleskinners.
"lappers" [drinkers] gathered at the "lush crib" [bar]
Sometimes order was maintained by them "barking irons" [pistols] … Ya Reckon?

There were also some unfortunate cases where matters couldn't be settled in a civil manner. Sometimes a violent incident met a violent ending and the presumed guilty party may find themselves hanging from a "leafless tree" This would be a court ordered execution.

But there were more unofficial lynchings than sanctioned hangings.

This is where my story ends. My great great great grand-pappy diXieDeer II was the featured guest of a "necktie social." I am still scarred today. [see foto]

V.19 No.4 | 1/28/2010
The brain power of these teens is approximately that of one-and-a-half Canadian adults.

The Kids Are F*@#ed

Ah, NPR. There’s nothing like the power of radio to lift your spirits and bum you the hell out. Weirdly, these stories do both for me.

Two recent NPR stories highlight how teenagers are dumb and need to be scared into being less dumb. The first is a story on how a California sheriff’s department is using computer imaging to show teens what they would look like with a meth addiction. This is because teens’ brains don’t work all that well and they might think, “You know what? Meth sounds great.” And then this shows them that they’ll be ugly if they do it, which is terrifying.

The second story is a report on findings by scientists that shows that teen drunkenness may lead to brain damage. Because their brains aren’t formed. That is why they’re dumb. Seriously, why do parents not just say that when their kids are all, “How come I can’t have sex/drive your car/speak without being spoken to?” Just tell them: Your brain is not fully formed. You are essentially running around with part of a brain. Now do what I say and finish installing Mommy’s stripper pole in the kitchen.

Anyway, kids these days.