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The Daily Word featuring blame, yakuza, sunscreen, free speech and booth babes

The Daily Word

We may finally have someone to blame for starting the Wallow Fire.

Meanwhile, firefighters in Rio Rancho are penalized for harrasing a rookie and his "private part."

After 33 years of foot-dragging, the FDA will start regulating sunscreen like it should have been all along. The Alibi's Miss Diagnosis rejoices.

The ever-resourceful yakuza and their crime syndicate overlords are capitalizing on Japan's tsunami disaster.

Chaos in Greece.

For my July 1 birthday, L.A. schools are banning flavored milk.

Meanwhile, two landmark court rulings favor students' free speech when they're online at home.

Here are five things to keep an eye on as Republican presidential challengers start lining up.

The 2011 E3 booth babes [NSFW ads] and the lonely dudes who photograph them.

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Video Games

This (Huge) Week In Games 6.18.10

Video games' biggest trade show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), was this week, and the vast majority of game news was centered around the announcement of upcoming titles or tech. It looks like there are some gems amid the rough, and it'll be interesting to see how things pan out in the impending hardware throwdown this Fall.

The upcoming Xbox Kinect will have a raft of (mainly family) games available for its Nov 4 release date, including Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride, Your Shape Kinect, Forza Kinect, and Star Wars Kinect. Here's to hoping the Star Wars game looks significantly less silly upon release. Oy.

A slimmer and higher storage capacity model Xbox was also revealed. It takes over the top price point, and pushes down the price of each of the other two models by $50. The Xbox Arcade model now costs less than either the Nintendo Wii or DS.

Halo: Reach: trailer (with space battle tease), and the single-player demo it was pulled from.

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski shows off Gears of War 3.

Here's the Playstation Move publicity trailer. Here's what it looks like when real people play it.

Killzone 3 gameplay demo.

Media Molecule's Alex Evans gave a demo teasing the huge variety of game types we can expect from Little Big Planet 2.

Gran Turismo 5 finally had a release date. And 1000 cars.

Original Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe is back for the PS3 version.

Sony says it will have at least twenty 3D games available for PS3 by the end of 2010, including both Crysis 2 and Killzone 3.

Kiddy though it may be, my game of the show is Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Nintendo rolls out the first modern game system with glasses-free 3D, the 3DS. One really interesting feature is its not-so-gamey ability to play 3D movies without glasses.

Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Play world savior Link (ach, again) in the upcoming Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Warren Spector and Adam Creighton of Junction Point give a live demo for Epic Mickey during the Nintendo keynote.

GoldenEye: 007 returns in a remake. Looks like it's a tiny bit too late.

Other cool stuff
Tetsuya Mizuguchi demos Child of Eden at the Ubisoft press conference. Here's a trailer for a bit broader of an overview, and an interview.

Isaac Clarke returns to dismember more Necromorphs in Dead Space 2.

Kayne and Lynch 2 looks like it's going to hit the heist gone wrong nail right on the head.

Valve's Gabe Newell announced Portal 2 coming to PS3 during the Sony keynote. There's a trailer, sure, but these gameplay demos are what have me chomping at the bit (1, 2, 3).

Bulletstorm, the new shooter from People Can Fly (Painkiller) and Epic Games (Gears of War), takes things a bit ridiculously over the top. This is a good thing.

Tron: Evolution, the video game.