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Earth Day Edition

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Earth Day Shenanigans

V.20 No.16 | 4/21/2011


This Week's Arts & Lit: Art for Earth Day, Words Afire Festival

Culture Shock: A very special Earth Day column

Theater: The 11th annual Words Afire Festival of New Plays at UNM

Culture Shock

Erf Day

To paraphrase Jimmy, the drunken misanthrope from the film Art School Confidential, I've been postponing suicide on the off chance I’ll witness some glorious plague inflict unfathomable suffering on my hateful species.

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V.19 No.17 | 4/29/2010
This man, John McConnell, designed the Earth Day flag. He might have also designed Earth.

Earth Wise

It’s Earth Day!

And I didn’t get presents for anyone

Let’s all celebrate as the Earth turns 40 this year. Or it’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Still not totally clear on that. Will get back to you.

The Earth (Day) was founded by Gaylord Nelson. I know you’re going to be childish about his name, but back at the beginning of the Earth, people had names like Gaylord and Garbagina and Ima Butt and no one thought it was funny, because humor was invented in 1982 and has since then ruined those names. So just grow up, Johnson O’Dong.

Earth Day is very important, for reals, because we are a bunch of freaking buffalo in a china shop except for the fact that we just about killed all the buffalo, which makes the metaphor kind of ironic. What I mean is that we are not good for this place, Earth. If I start thinking about it too much I get depressed and feel bad for living in a house and using a washing machine and wearing clothes and growing flowers and asking my students to print their work because grading papers on a computer gives me a giant headache and so much more. Guilt is exhausting.

So what will I do to mark this day? I really do want to bike commute several days a week, so I’ll get going on that. I also want to grow some of my own veggies. I also think it would be nice if the Earth had an anthem. Maybe a rap. So, I’m going to be pretty busy.

Earth Wise

Albuquerque/Santa Fe Earth Day Events

This week’s Food Calendar is overflowing with ways to worship our mamma planet, with Earthy festivals continuing throughout the weekend. But today (named and dated by legendary advertising copywriter Julian “It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking” Koenig—April 22 is his birthday, which rhymes “Earth Day,” you see) here's what's happening:

UNM Sustainability Expo — Lobo Growers' Market, alternative transportation fair, clothing swap, WWII generation tips on sustainable living and more at the University of New Mexico's Cornell Mall. 277-1920. (10 a.m.-2 p.m.)

Retake Our Plates Sustainability Weekend — A weekend of films at the SouthWest Film Center (located in the basement of UNM's Student Union Building, 277-5608), presented by the UNM Nutritional Club & Santa Fe Farmer's Market Institute. Trailers at $3 students, $4 faculty/staff, $5 general. Tonight's films: Homegrown and One Man, One Cow, One Planet. (6, 8:30 p.m.)

Santa Fe Co-op Earth Day Festival — Free healthy pizza party, entrainment and more at the Santa Fe Co-op (Solana Shopping Center, Santa Fe). (3-7 p.m.)

Earth Day at Whole Foods — Learn about organic products and simple daily tips to make your home a little greener. Ditch plastic bags and receive a free Better Bag for your groceries, while supplies last. Held at the Indian School Plaza Whole Foods Market (2103 Carlisle NE, 260-1366).

Grocery Bag Amnesty Day — Save the Earth by recycling plastic bags all day. Drop them off at the Northeast Heights Sunflower Farmers Market (6300 San Mateo NE, 821-7000). (7 a.m.-10 p.m.)

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The Daily Word 04.22.10: Gathering of Nations, South Park, Quakes of Immodesty

The Daily Word

The first Earth Day was 40 years ago today.

Should New Mexico give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants?

She was sentenced to nine years after dragging an elderly man with her car, but she's out after little more than a year.

The APS solution: Bigger classes.

Gathering of Nations starts today. (Red Earth will reunite.)

Mom's mystery infection.

Lawyer: He shot his 100-pound pregnant girlfriend in self-defense.

The Havasupai in Arizona won a fight with a university over the misuse of their DNA.

Obama tells Congress to regulate Wall Street's bullshit.

Sarah Palin's Christian nation.

WellPoint used a computer algorithm to target breast cancer patients and cancel their health insurance with allegations of fraud.

Earthquakes happen because women aren't modest enough, says a prayer leader in Tehran.

"South Park" self-censors an ep about the Prophet Muhammed after warnings show up on a radical Islamic group's website.

Kate Gosselin creeped some people out. (She's famous just so we can hate her, no?)

That is one patriotic (racist) pickup.

V.19 No.15 | 4/15/2010

Alibi Picks

Captain Planet, He’s Our Hero

And if you wish to do your part in taking pollution down to zero, there are Earth Day events going down today. Coronado State Monument (485 Kuaua, Bernalillo) holds its "Nature's First Green" Earth Day festivities, which boast an antique car show, a solar observatory, kite flying, tours of the Bosque and a Native American flute demonstration. The events run from 6:30 a.m. to noon, and if you get there early you'll enjoy a free continental breakfast. From noon to 4 p.m., take a drive out to Triangle Grocery in Cedar Crest (12165 N. Hwy. 14), where you can get green and enjoy goat cheese samples, solar-oven-baked cookies, locally made arts and crafts, and talks on prevention and conservation efforts going on around the state. Tip a cap to our humble planet Earth on its special day; after all, it's been through a lot this year.