Election 2010

election 2010

V.19 No.47 | 11/25/2010

Ortiz y Pino

Hard Lessons

In the end, what did 2010’s election mean?

Ten days after the election, I took our collies for their regular morning romp at one of Albuquerque’s dog parks. I pulled up alongside an ancient vehicle. In the window was a declaration: “If Obama is too stupid to understand what the voters said this year, we need to repeat the message in 2012.”

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The Daily Word 11.03.10: Democrats, Republicans, UFO Commissions, Happy Meal Toys

The Daily Word

I'm not trying to freak you out, but Republicans will take control of the House next year. Don't be too upset, Obama is still president and Democrats will keep the Senate.

Voters in San Francisco voted to ban McDonald's Happy Meal toys.

Voters rejected legalizing recreational marijuana use in California, and a proposal to establish a Commission for Extraterrestrial Affairs in Colorado was also voted down.

Info-porn shows what happened the last time the House went Republican.

Locally, Susana Martinez defeated Diane Denish for Governor. Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan held onto their seats, and Steve Pearce beat incumbent Harry Teague.

Iranina Sakineh Mohammadi Ashanti, the woman convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning will be hanged instead.

Foreign embassies in Greece are targeted by letter bombs.

Facebook used to graph breakups over the course of the year.

George W. Bush says the worst moment of his presidency was when Kanye West called him out. ARE YOU SURE?

What your pot smoking choices say about you.

Be careful where you steal your porn from.

The end of cakes: The Pumpple.

NASA wants to destroy send a robot to the moon.

Slate wonders if Netflix will destroy the internet.

Ultra-slow-motion popcorn popping video here.

Ten insane facts comics taught us about American history.

Is a deep-fried turkey worth the hassle?

FACT? The bigger the smile a baseball player has on his baseball card the longer he lives.

It's Osamu Tezuka's birthday!


Election night results

For the races in the Alibi's Election Guide:

Susana Martinez (R)

U.S. Congress:
Martin Heinrich (D)

Attorney General:
Gary King (D)

Secretary of State:
Dianna Duran (R)

Land Commissioner:
Ray Powell (D)

Dan Houston (R)

See more results from Bernalillo County here

From the Secretary of State's Office here.

Marisa Demarco


Heinrich's acceptance speech

I'm at Hotel Andaluz with the Dems on election night. Party-goers have been waiting a while for Heinrich to take the stage. Lt. Gov. Diane Denish gave a concession speech a couple hours ago, and the crowd is hungry for some good news.

CD 1's been a tight race. Whitney Potter, Heinrich's press secretary, told me earlier that the campaign staff knew it was going to be a close one.

"We will keep fighting to make New Mexico the clean-energy jobs capital of the world," the congressman says.

He thanks the people who elected him, and the people who disagree with him.

"It's time for us to roll up our sleeves, work with each other, including across the aisle, and get back to work," he says, and the audience goes nuts.


Californians just say no to marijuana legalization

It's official. Prop 19 failed. But supporters promise they'll be back in 2012.

V.19 No.44 | 11/4/2010
Marisa Demarco


Video: Manny Gonzales

We endorsed Dan Houston for Bernalillo County sheriff after we interviewed him and his opponent, Democratic incumbent Manny Gonzales. We couldn’t get a clear picture of Gonzales’ positions.

Marisa Demarco


Video: Matt Rush

We endorsed Ray Powell for land commissioner after meeting with him and his opponent, Republican Matt Rush. Rush is a likable guy who put about 50,000 miles on his vehicle after he decided to run for office. But he just couldn’t stand up to Powell, whose experience and passion made this choice an easy one.


Get your results tonight at alibi.com

Join us as we live-blog with the Santa Fe New Mexican, the New Mexico Independent, the Santa Fe Reporter, KUNM and KNME. Journalists will report live from election watch parties, speak with candidates and update results as they come in.


Poll: Who will be our next governor?

Stay tuned for results as they come in. We’ll be joining the Santa Fe New Mexican, the New Mexico Independent, KNME and KUNM on a live-blog on alibi.com at 5 p.m.

You’ve got to log in to alibi.com to vote in this poll.

Who will win the gubernatorial race tonight?

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish

6 (55%)
Susana Martinez

2 (18%)
Write-in candidate Kenneth Gomez

0 (0%)
Wish we had better options

3 (27%)
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The Voter Bill of Rights

Every registered voter in New Mexico has the right to:

• Inspect a sample ballot before voting;

• Ask for and receive instructions on how to operate the voting machine or mark a paper ballot;

• Ask for and receive instructions on how to cast a provisional ballot if your name is not on the list of voters or if you are required to provide identification and did not bring it to the polls;

• Vote even if the optical scanner is broken;

• Ask for, receive and vote another paper ballot if your paper ballot is spoiled or defective;

• Cast a ballot if you are in line when the polls close;

• Be assisted by a person of your choice if you are disabled or need help reading the ballot (your employer or an agent of your employer, an officer or agent of your union or a candidate on the ballot for this election are not allowed to provide assistance); and

• Vote free from intimidation by election officials or any other person;

False voting, bribery, coercion, or intimidation are election crimes and subject to prosecution.

To ask questions or report problems, call the Voter Information Hotlines at:

1-866-OUR VOTE (866- 687-8683)


1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682)


V.19 No.43 | 10/28/2010
Marisa Demarco


Video: Matthew Chandler

We endorsed Democratic incumbent Gary King after speaking with the attorney general and his opponent, Republican Matthew Chandler. We found Chandler to be articulate and professional, but disagreed with his positions. His first order of business as AG would be to join other states in suing the federal government over health care reform.

V.19 No.44 | 11/4/2010


Poll: Did you vote?

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Have you cast a ballot for this election?

Yes. I voted early.

5 (25%)
Yes. I voted today.

9 (45%)
I haven’t voted yet, but I’m planning to before the polls close at 7 p.m.

4 (20%)
No. I’m not registered.

1 (5%)
No. I’m registered, but I don’t like any of the candidates.

0 (0%)
Who cares about politics?

1 (5%)
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V.19 No.43 | 10/28/2010


Knocking on the Roundhouse door

Our in-paper Election Guide rarely has room for much discussion of the state Legislative races. But we did send out questionnaires to candidates. They’re posted here.

V.19 No.44 | 11/4/2010
As of 8:20am, my vote counted for 6.67%


How’s The Turnout?

14 other people had voted before me (ignoring absentee/early-voting ballots). Today is a good day to call bullshit on people who whine that their vote doesn’t count.

“Ninety percent of life is showing up.” -- Woody Allen. No, wait, he said 80 percent. Or was it just 50 percent? And wasn’t it success, not life? Oh crap, I give up. No, I’m sure the quote was about showing up, not giving up.

Marisa Demarco


Video: Jon Barela

We endorsed Martin Heinrich for U.S. Congress this year after speaking with the congressman and his opponent, Republican Jon Barela. We found Barela to be short on specifics. In his favor, he promised to be independent, and his views on immigration were surprising given the Republican party line this election cycle.