2011 Election Guide

2011 Election Guide

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Albuquerque voters will take to the polls to pick city councilors, decide whether to approve bonds and make their feelings about red-light cameras known.

V.20 No.45 | 11/10/2011

Council Watch

Change the Channel

The battle over public access TV, and red means stop for the city’s cameras
V.20 No.39 |


Election 2011 results

Well, with nearly all the polling locations reporting, it's shaking out like this:

We voted against red-light cameras, though the margin's pretty tight: 53 percent against, 47 percent in favor.

We kept our Council the same, with Brad Winter and Trudy Jones hanging onto their seats.

And Albuquerque totally shot down the mayor's bond, which would have tied cash for Paseo to cash for a sportsplex: About 62 percent against, 38 percent in favor.

See poll results here.


Early results: Keep the red-light cameras

Yup. With early votes and absentee votes tallied, thus far, voters support red-light cameras. But the mayor's Paseo/sportsplex bond is failing in a big way. Things don't look good for the challengers, either: Greg Payne is losing to Councilor Trudy Jones, and Bill Tallman is trailing Councilor Brad Winter.

Things could change quickly as today's votes are counted.

V.20 No.40 | 10/6/2011


Lines at the polls

I’ve heard from a couple of people that there were decent lines at the vote center they hit up today. So in spite of the rain, it seems like citizens are showing up to cast their ballots in the city elections.

Polls close at 7 p.m.!

You can vote at any of the 49 centers that’s most convenient for you. DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR PHOTO ID TO THE POLLS!

On the ballot, you’ve got:

Red-light cameras

City councilors in districts 2, 4, 6 and 8 (find out which district you’re in here)


Too much reading? Use this handy Alibi-provided cheat sheet.

Jack Rex, who represented District 8 from 1974-1975, sports sweet hair, sweet glasses, a sweet turtleneck and an awesome jacket.


Poll: Best Council hair

Behold! The city councilor archive.

While voters mentally weigh the heavy concerns of our city today at any of 49 polling centers, I am struck by yet another important question.

Which Council district has enjoyed, over time, the best hair? (See archive link above to compare)

District 1

0 (0%)
District 2

0 (0%)
District 3

0 (0%)
District 4

0 (0%)
District 5

0 (0%)
District 6

1 (20%)
District 7

3 (60%)
District 8

1 (20%)
District 9

0 (0%)

0 (0%)
(Login to vote.)

Find out what district you’re in here.

And is it just me, or have hairdos gotten more boring in the last decade or so?

Solar tubes on the roof of Downtown @ 700-2nd Street. They heat water for the complex, which offers apartments on a sliding scale of $0 to $500 monthly.
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com


Eco-friendly living for the working class

We got curious about one of the bonds on the ballot. (No, not No. 12, which handcuffs millions for the Paseo interchange to millions for a sportsplex.)

We were interested in “No. 10: Affordable Housing” that kicks $10 million to workforce housing, homes for working families and inexpensive rental properties for senior citizens.

Read Carolyn Carlson’s report on the developments that come out of this money.


The Daily Word in Hank Williams Jr. firing, Starbucks wanting your cash, and cell phone radiation warnings

The Daily Word

It’s Election Day! Get out there and vote.

Starbucks is going to be asking for $5 donations to help stimulate the economy.

If you need more ways to lose your hard-earned money, Starbucks also sells coffee-stained t-shirts for $85.

ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.’s “Monday Night Football” theme after he compares Obama and Hitler.

A new law in San Francisco requires cell phone retailers to display radiation warnings.

A bear attacks a couple inside their home.

South Park turns 15, with brand new episodes airing tomorrow.

Watch 100 of the best f-bombs in film.

Lobo men’s basketball tickets are on sale today at The Pit.

Brianna Amat kicks the game-winning field goal the same night she is named homecoming queen.

China threatens a trade war with the U.S. due to a proposed bill that lets China’s currency rise.

You can buy San Francisco’s Albion Castle, complete with tunneled water caverns.


Poll: Red-light cams. Should they stay or should they go?

Those Redflex-run lenses are on the ballot today at 49 vote centers around the city. What do you think?

Should the city keep its red-light camera program?


2 (11%)

16 (89%)
(Login to vote.)

Got a good/bad/sad/glad red-light camera story? Tell it to the judge. No wait. You can’t. You can only bring red-light cam objections to a hearing officer employed by the city.

Or you can post it here in the comments for some commiserating.


How do I know if I’m registered?

There’s an election today. You can weigh in on red-light cameras, Council candidates and bonds. Read all about it.

Registration in New Mexico is permanent. If you’ve voted in an election here, you’re still registered. Still not sure? Check online or call the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office at 468-1291.

If you haven’t already registered, you can’t vote today. But since you’re thinking about it, why not get it all squared up before 2012, when the president of these United States will be on the ballot?


Polls are open

From now until 7 p.m., you can cast your ballot at any of 49 vote centers around the city. Tell our politicians what you think about red-light cameras. Don’t forget to bring a photo ID to the polls. (What counts as photo ID? We answer that and other questions right here.)

Peruse our Election Guide. Or, for maximum ease, skip over to our Print-n-Save Voter Guide.

Do you live in District 2, 4, 6 or 8? Check the district map to find out. We interviewed all the candidates in person before we endorsed. But we also created videos of our endorsement interviews so you can make your own decision.

District 2: Councilor Debbie O’Malley (unopposed)

District 4: Councilor Brad Winter vs. Bill Tallman

District 6: Councilor Rey Garduño (unopposed)

District 8: Councilor Trudy Jones vs. Greg Payne


Don’t forget to bring your photo ID to the polls today

Today is election day. You can vote on red-light cameras, bonds and the councilors for districts 2, 4, 6 and 8. See if you reside in one of those regions here.

In 2005, voters decided that everyone has to bring photo ID to the polls for city elections. The League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico outlines what types of ID will work on their election page.

The photo identification may include, but is not limited to, any of the following types of cards:

• issued by a government agency (e.g., passport, city/county/state/federal ID badge, state identification card)

• a driver's license

• student identification card

• commercial transaction card such as a credit or debit card

• an insurance card

• a union card

• a professional association card

• the photo identification card issued by the City Clerk (only issued when other photo ID is unavailable)

This list is not exclusive. If the voter is able to present an identification card that contains the voter's picture and name he/she should be issued a regular ballot.


Video interviews with Council candidates

Today is election day in Burque.

As we do every election cycle, the Alibi sat down with the candidates, usually for about an hour. Behold! Our Election Guide!

Given advancements in technology, the Alibi is also in possession of a tiny video camera that we used to record said interviews. We selected choice clips from each and put them up on the YouTubes for your viewing pleasure.

District 2: Councilor Debbie O’Malley (unopposed)

District 4: Councilor Brad Winter vs. Bill Tallman

District 6: Councilor Rey Garduño (unopposed)

District 8: Councilor Trudy Jones vs. Greg Payne


Vote on red-light cameras tomorrow!

Election day is Tuesday, Oct. 4, and you’ll have a chance to tell the city what you think about red-light cameras. Read all about the history of them in Albuquerque (and our take on them) in last week’s election guide.

The City Clerk’s making it easy on you this year. You don’t have to vote in one particular polling location. Instead, stop in at any of 49 vote centers around the city. Bring an ID with you. Not sure whether you’re registered? Check here or call the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office at 468-1291.

There are other issues on the ballot, too, like bonds. Tricky bond No. 12 ties $25 million for the Paseo and I-25 interchange to $25 million for a sportsplex.

Four City Council districts are up for grabs, though only two are contested.

District 2: Councilor Debbie O’Malley (unopposed)

District 4: Councilor Brad Winter vs. Bill Tallman

District 6: Councilor Rey Garduño (unopposed)

District 8: Councilor Trudy Jones vs. Greg Payne

Click on the links above to read what our endorsement panel thought of the candidates after we interviewed each in person.

V.20 No.39 | 9/29/2011

Election 2011

Voter FAQ

The city wants to know what you think about red-light cameras. Speak up! We’ve got the low-down on how to cast your ballot.
V.20 No.38 | 9/22/2011


Under the Big Eyes

As the city plays a game of red light, green light with intersection cameras, voters will have their say during the Tuesday, Oct. 4 elections. Public opinion will be taken into account, but in the end the fate of the red-light cameras rests with the City Council. The vote will be considered “advisory,” yet councilors will be hard-pressed to ignore your advice.

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