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V.19 No.51 | 12/23/2010
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Culture Shock

Now That’s a Bad Day

Sometimes you have a bad day. It happens. There isn't much you can do about it. The alarm goes off and you think, Great, here we go.

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V.19 No.49 | 12/9/2010
Albuquerque Artist Ernest Doty paints a mural behind The Sunshine Theater on Wednesday. The mural is the last one sanctioned by 516 ARTS as part of STREET ARTS: A Celebration of Hip Hop Culture. He is standing on a lift about 50 feet off the ground.
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John Bear


Random Street Art: Number Three

Ernest Doty high above downtown

V.19 No.32 | 8/12/2010
Rainbow on the Anasazi building downtown.
Eric Williams

Art News

Rainbow Warrior

The Alibi speaks with Albuquerque’s most controversial public artist

Every time I get on the Rail Runner in Downtown Albuquerque, I look across the platform at a rainbow dripping down the side of a building just across Broadway. Occasionally, I hear people point it out to their friends, but it largely goes unnoticed by my fellow commuters. About a month ago, a similar rainbow appeared on the Anasazi Building at Sixth Street and Central—that’s the abandoned high-rise recently taken over by the city after developer Vincent Garcia and two others were charged with 19 counts of fraud and money laundering.

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