ethylene dibromide

V.28 No.31 | 8/1/2019
KAFB Groundwater Treatment Facility
August March

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Fuel Spill Committee Part III

The US Air Force Responds

We meet with KAFB about fuel spill remediation.
V.28 No.30 | 7/25/2019
Juan Reynosa
Eric Williams Photography

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Fuel Spill Committee Part II

SWOP: A garden by the base and an ear to the ground

Weekly Alibi chats with Juan Reynosa of SouthWest Organizing Project about the KAFB fuel spill, its effect on the land and community, as well as the long range mission of SWOP and other community organizations when it comes to defending us all.
V.28 No.29 | 7/18/2019
The groundwater treatment plant at Kirtland Air Force Base filters ethylene dibromide (EDB) from groundwater extracted from the contamination plume.
US Air Force

On Assignment

Fuel Spill Committee Part I

Water Utility board looks into remediation efforts

In the midst of recent progress to monitor and contain the Kirtland jet fuel spill, transparency and inclusivity issues continue to be problematic. In order to better understand these issues—as well as to check up on the progress made in remediation efforts—Weekly Alibi chatted with County Water Utility Board member Maggie Hart Stebbins.
V.27 No.13 | 3/29/2018
EDB in shallow groundwater at Kirtland AFB
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Kirtland Jet Fuel Spill Update

New plans and protests in process

ABCWUA criticizes KAFB for its new strategy's less aggressive plan to remove the jet fuel contaminants from the city's aquifer.
V.26 No.11 | 3/16/2017
News City
Robert Maestas


APS Recognizes Bilingual Graduates

APS recognizes bilingual graduates, education secretaries absent for budget talks and extraction wells are cleaning the Kirtland jet fuel spill.
V.25 No.50 | 12/15/2016
Bulk Fuels Facility Project
Photo courtesy Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Facility Project

News Feature

Kirtland Jet Fuel Spill Update

Fourth well under construction

A fourth extraction well is being built to filter ethylene dibromide, one of the most concerning contaminants from the Kirtland jet fuel spill, out of the groundwater.
V.22 No.48 | 11/28/2013

La Jicarita

The Environmental Disaster You’ve Never Heard Of

Albuquerque’s Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel spill

David Correia reports on the KAFB jet fuel spill and finds an environmental disaster dubiously underrepresented in both scope and severity.