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V.24 No.32 | 8/6/2015


The Daily Word in Star Wars, exploding churches and crapping on the green

The Daily Word

Glaciers are melting faster than they ever have before.

Three new super-Earths discovered.

Ever seen a guy surf a wave on a dirt bike? Here you go!

Churches are exploding in Las Cruces.

Drinking too many margaritas in the sun can lead to phytophotodermatitis.

Washington D.C. is sinking into the ocean.

Brighten your day with these Werner Herzog inspirational posters!

For over a decade, a mystery man has been crapping in the holes of a Norway golf club.

Mark Hamill will do more than just sign your Star Wars card.

Thanks to Geoff Plant and Carl Petersen for the links!

V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010


Hangover sports roundup: Jon Jones, Tom Brady and double backflips


In the short history of the sport, many young prospects have been caught in the media hype machine. Jon Jones is no exception and has become the face of the new generation of MMA fighter. Jones made short work of Vladimir Matyushenko on Sunday night, positioning himself to fight the top fighters in the light heavyweight division. Despite the win, UFC President Dana White isn't eager to give a title shot to Jones yet but thinks he's belongs among the elite in the division.

The same night also saw Takanori Gomi come back with a brutal KO of Tyson Griffin. Gomi was once the Pride Lightweight Champion. Perhaps another win could get him on a quick path to a title shot.

NFL Training Camp

Whether its injuries or contracts, NFL training camps around the country are turning into soap operas. New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady wants his payday and is willing to become a distraction to receive money he deserves. Still, Brady gracefully handled questions from the media, so Patriots fans shouldn't be surprised if this dispute ends before the season starts.

Unlike Brady, Jets star Cornerback Darrelle Revis has not shown up to camp and wants more money before his lends his talent to the Jets. Head Coach Rex Ryan wants Revis at camp, but he remains focused on the rest of his team. At least this will make the HBO reality series “Hard Knocks” more interesting when the New York Jets become the featured team of the show.

Extreme Sports

X Games 16 took place over the weekend, and, as usual, the event did not disappoint. From double backflips to rally car racing, there was no shortage of breathtaking moments. Hopefully the sports featured will get more media attention as these athletes put not only their pride but also their lives on the line.