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V.19 No.23 | 6/10/2010

Alibi Picks

Movies at Fab Lab Tonight: 8 BIT and Taian Lu @ 8:30 p.m.

We wrote about Fab Lab ABQ here (and here) in April. Tonight they’re hosting Modern World Movie Night. Why? “By exposing viewers to somewhat obscure films that are not easily found except in the Fine Art world, we can open up a larger discussion about how technology and its advances affect us as artists and makers here in Albuquerque and how we are connected to the world at large.” Films include Martin Ramocki’s celebrated 8 BIT and Mathieu Borysevicz’s Taian Lu.

V.19 No.15 | 4/15/2010
Next Fab 3D printing device ... from the future

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The Magicians

The mad science of Fab Lab ABQ

Imagine: You’re a legendary archaeologist. You embark upon a dig that quickly becomes the most extraordinary of your career. As you stumble upon one singularly exceptional artifact after another, you leap about (very careful not to break anything), overcome by the remarkable knowledge you’re unearthing. Then you remember that you can’t keep any of it. You’re excavating an important spiritual site, and though you’ve been granted permission to explore, you have to return every found thing to the people who hold the land sacred. You understand—but you’re devastated at the informational, educational and historical records that will never exist. Until you realize that Fab Lab ABQ has a solution, and you resume your joyful leaping.

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