V.25 No.49 | 12/8/2016

Food News

Karma Karma Karma

#Karma, meatballs are really coming up, local fires hurt local restaurants, a possible masa shortage in Las Cruces, food industry rethinks allergy warnings, plus give a local gift.
V.22 No.26 | 6/27/2013


Doubts and Droughts and Bark Beetles

What’s truly to blame for recent blazes across the Southwest?

I recently read some articles that were blaming bark beetles for all the forest fires. They said they are killing the trees, making them susceptible to fires. But, in reality, the drought is causing the problems. Bark beetles do not infest healthy trees, they infest trees that have been weakened. Trees and other plants give off chemical messages called kairomones. When trees are weakened because of lack of rain or for other reasons, the kairomones change and they attract bark beetles. Then the bark beetles give off insect pheromones that tells other beetles about the food source, the dying trees. Soon the trees are infested with bark beetles. As the trees further decline, they change their kairomones and other species of wood boring beetles come in. This process continues until the tree is dead. In the natural world, this is how it is supposed to happen.

Then lightning strikes, burns all the dried wood over hundreds or thousands of acres and eventually a new forest grows. Bark beetles aren't the cause of the fires, but they are part of the process. The drought is the cause, and whether the drought is man-made or cyclical doesn't really matter when the forest is on fire and your house is in the area. However, if we are doing anything to promote global warming and droughts, we need to change what we are doing rather than jumping into airplanes to spray our forests with pesticides to kill bark beetles, which has been mentioned in some areas.

I am not an expert on climates, but I do believe the drought is over. I think what we are experiencing in New Mexico and part of Colorado is our new climate, and maybe we should plan for it, learn to live with it and not expect any serious rain in the near future.

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The Daily Word in China's fire, the Chavez case and bites on the buttocks

The Daily Word

You have the right to remain silent, now take this cotton swab and swirl it around your mouth for a spell.

Michael Douglas says that you can get throat cancer from an STD. Who'd have thought?

A fire at a poultry plant in Dehui, China kills 119 and injures 50.

Three storm chasers killed in Oklahoma; among them was veteran storm chaser Tim Samaras.

After a lengthy SWAT standoff, police have arrested a father and son in connection with the murder of 8-year-old Sunni Reza.

New Mexico fire crews hope to have two fires (Pecos and Tres Lagunas) fully contained by the end of Monday.

The Levi Chavez trial breaks ground almost six years after the shooting of his wife, Tera Chavez.

Tonight, we say "NO!" to fireworks!

Man arrested for aggravated battery after biting his wife's butt.

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The Daily Word: 6.24.11

Let's get out of Afghanistan, Google under the microscope and fire whisperers

The Daily Word

Petraeus says plan to get troops out of Afghanistan is "too aggressive."

Is Google abusing its power?

Owner of ghost town shooting stumps cops.

This top-selling weed killer probably causes birth defects.

Fire whisperers determine wildfires' next moves.

Women charged with murder after miscarriages.

Hackers: Funny or criminals?

Dressers are behind-the-scenes best friends for actors.

Chefs give tips for how to eat well on planes.

Cameron Diaz is a bad teacher. Hot.

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Daily Word 6.17.11- Quit with the fires already

GLBT rights resolution, poison snakes, Yemen, Green Lantern

The Daily Word

East mountain fire flared last night.

The U.N. passed a GLBT rights resolution.

Don't make death threats to judges.

Obama says he didn't need permission to take military action in Libya, so there.

Weiner resigns.

Pictures of mummies!

Yemen, which you forgot about, still protesting.

Did you already read about these crazy poisonous snakes on our blog? If not, read about it here.

Scientists add memory to rat!

New York Times calls Green Lantern chintzy!

How The Oatmeal thinks 127 Hours should have ended (with spoiler!).

V.20 No.13 | 3/31/2011
The Daily Word


The Daily Word, with Heath Ledger, beating hearts, monkeys in cars and heroic dogs.

Ten most ignorant politicians.

A dog saved a baby.

Scientists hope lab-grown hearts will start beating soon.

Did they find a picture of Jesus?

Cops play solitaire on their little cop car computers.

Somebody got a dead mouse in a Monster Energy Drink.

Monkeys race in tiny cars.

The history of the ice-pick lobotomy.

Slate has lunch with Roger Waters.

Does the band Mogwai enjoy rectal vodka tampons?

Watch the first 12 minutes of Game of Thrones.

Most Grimm’s Fairy Tales would make good movies.

Here are some good photo bombs.

Ghoulish engineers use human blood for data storage research.

Infinite Tom Sellecks.

Thank you, slaves.

At the cloud, you must look.

Prepare for the next Ice Age.

The best of April Fools’ from around the web.

The Foothills Fire is 100% containted. The Ruidoso fire is not. The Sevillita Fire is 25% contained.

High winds left 3500 East Mountian residents without power last night.

The cops busted a drug house.

Let’s look at KOAT’s mugshots from Friday.

Happy birthday, Heath Ledger.

Thanks to Tom Nayder and Geoffrey Anjou for many of today’s top stories.