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V.26 No.6 | 2/9/2017

Food News

Downtown's New Neighbors

Zullo’s Bistro moves in, El Pinto is expanding its operations, Cottonwood area loses more restaurants, Flying Star announces a new menu, Blue Corn Café & Brewery celebrates its 20th and registration begins for the Organic Farming Conference.
V.25 No.35 | 9/1/2016

Food News

Breaking Bad Restaurant Robber Nabbed

Heinous Breaking Bad robber possibly nabbed, a mobile farmers market takes to the streets, the spread of Del Taco, words fly at Flying Star owners, farmers innovate desert farming and Downtown Growers’ Market gets a windfall.
V.25 No.34 | 08/25/2016


The Daily Word in a horrific child murder, Phillippino assassins and KFC's top secret recipe

The Daily Word

A 10 year old girl was abused and murdered in a bizarre crime that resulted in the arrest of the girls mother and two other people.

Owners of the bankrupt Flying Star chain are not happy with a proposal that includes selling their restaurants.

From the Philippines comes this story about independent, government sanctioned assassins who kill drug dealers.

The FDA is recommending that blood banks screen donations for the Zika virus.

Donald Trump's The Apprentice required contestants to agree to an unusual and invasive set of contract demands.

Riders on New York City's D-Train spent thirty minutes atop a bridge in a stopped subway car without air conditioning, full of crickets and worms, with a screaming, urinating woman.

Did the nephew of Colonel Sanders divulge Kentucky Fried Chicken's secret recipe?

V.25 No.31 | 8/4/2016
Ronald McDonald
karencastens via morguefile

Food News

No More Mu Du

Mu Du Noodles closes, remembering a father of the American Mexican food industry, McDonald’s changes its tune, the best steakhouse in N.M., food truck arson and Flying Star founders have a plan.
V.25 No.9 | 3/3/2016


The Daily Word in losers, assholes and buffoons

The Daily Word

Flying Star may be bought out to save the remaining restaurants.

The first uterus transplant in the U.S. happened this week in Cleveland.

“No-selfie zones” have been set up in Mumbai in response to selfie-related deaths.

These buffoons are actually running for president.

It just gets worse... Christie endorses Trump.

Asshole alert: Indonesia's former Informations and Communications Minister sent out a tweet declaring that all homosexuals should be put to death.

The Oscars are this weekend, so let's take a look back at some of the best loser faces actors could come up with.

V.24 No.43 | 10/22/2015
power-diving star

The Mouthful

Thoughts on a Falling Star

Never send to know from whom the coffee shop seat is taken; it's taken from thee.
V.24 No.15 | 4/9/2015

The Mouthful

Answering the Call

Flying Star’s new “Café Menu” aims for affordability and quality

After declaring bankruptcy earlier this year, Flying Star has made some changes. The Alibi’s staff checks out one of them: the new “Café Menu.”

V.20 No.49 | 12/8/2011
Now on the permanent Flying Star menu: Stew pot chicken and Thai steak salad
Sergio Salvador


Flying Star 2.4

Landmark restaurant approaches a quarter-century milestone with new dishes

Flying Star Café has become an old friend to many. It’s the kind of friend you hang out with all the time, even though you sometimes complain about him. The red stuff is too expensive, but you drink it anyway because it’s that good. The watery beans in the breakfast burrito may not be what gets you up in the morning. But just thinking about a tofu scramble with brown rice feels like a warm hug.

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V.20 No.41 |

sports, food

Carlos Condit talks food with the Alibi

The UFC title contender practically cuts a promo for Flying Star, and you better not screw up his red chile

UFC welterweight title contender and Albuquerque native Carlos Condit sat down with The Alibi this week, ahead of his title fight against UFC champion Georges St. Pierre on October 29th at UFC 137 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A profile of Condit and fight preview will appear in the October 27th issue of the paper. Between now and then, be on the lookout for more outtakes from Condit’s interview to be posted here.

In this clip, Condit practically gets emotional when discussing the sacredness of a good red chile, and explains how his dad Brian Condit, a career electrician who never went to college, became Governor Bill Richardson’s chief of staff. His dad also makes the best red chile.

Meanwhile, the one who’s nickname is “The Natural Born Killer” admits to eating brown rice at Flying Star almost daily. He is a complex man.