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V.29 No.4 | 1/23/2020
Dive into the bowl and swim through the flavors.
Eric Williams Photography

Restaurant Review

Umami, Ooh Daddy

Umami Moto finds new home in New Mexico

We preach local pretty hard here at Weekly Alibi. One of the things that our owner, Christopher Johnson, has always talked to me about is standing in the little guys’ corner. At the end of the day, the industry giants will always have an edge on the market because of what feels like a limitless resource pool to make magic happen. But for those just getting their start, the ones who plant their feet firmly in Albuquerque and decide to make a difference, the ones who make a dramatic change in their neighborhood, those are the ones we aim to boost up and support. What happens when the little guy is a newcomer to the local scene but is also someone who’s been on the grind for a while now? For answers, I looked to Umami Moto.

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V.29 No.3 | 1/16/2020
Fun Noodle Bar food
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Restaurant Review

Having Fun With Noods

Fun Noodle Bar sets perfect example of how to do noodles

With the University area having the Noodle District comfortably operating at this point, the expansion has to begin in new places. Fun Noodle Bar fits perfectly in the Heights and residents will be having fun there for a long time.
Like a white flag waving, it’s time to surrender our bags.
Dan Pennington

Food for Thought

It’s Time To Let Go of Bags

Plastic bag ban is step in right direction for city

Many don’t remember, but there was a time in New Mexico history when people said the state bird was a plastic bag, because wherever you went, you would be sure to see one lazily drifting through the sky, hanging in a tree and flapping its metaphorical wings noisily above the streets.
V.29 No.2 | 1/9/2020
apple pie
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Restaurant Review

Copper Canyon Cafe Holds Tradition

How we find joy in simplifying

The plate hits the table and you feel as if you’re in Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, with its straightforward presentation and simplicity lending an air of ’50s diner status to your meal. You don’t have to overthink it, there’s not such a complex palette of flavors at work that your mind is required to process. It’s just good in the way it should be, direct and upfront.
V.29 No.1 | 1/2/2020
Dan Pennington

Restaurant Review

Egg and I No More

Sunnyside Up inhabits local scene, breaks corporate ties

It’s not terribly common to see a national chain convert to local. Sunnyside Up has proved they know what they’re doing and don’t need some big corporate board to help them. They’re one of us now, and we should be thankful that the Heights has more breakfast options to choose from.
ART bus
Dan Pennington

Food for Thought

Hashtag 2020 Goals

On embracing this city’s growth spurt

We can sit here all day and talk about all the new wonderful things changing and expanding in Albuquerque, but when we get down to brass tacks, none of that means a thing if we don’t engage it.
V.28 No.51 | 12/19/2019
A feast that can succinctly wrap up your year
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Restaurant Review

Nob Hill Revival Is A Go

Sushi & Sake brings their magic touch to Nob Hill

Sushi & Sake manages to have a consistent level of genuinely amazing dishes that balance both of those aspects, leaving you with something absolutely worth your time and energy.
V.28 No.50 | 12/12/2019
Jerusalem-Taste of the Holy Land
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Restaurant Review

Journey To Jerusalem

Taste of the Holy Land offers Rio Rancho something new

For many of us Burqueños, Rio Rancho isn’t the easiest drive, but with food like Jerusalem-Taste of the Holy Land, maybe it’s the only logical journey to make.
V.28 No.49 | 12/5/2019
Eric Williams Photography

Restaurant Review


Da Vinci’s is full of surprises

Da Vinci's Pizza Café does their level best to offset the pricey menu items with a terrific assortment of quality ingredients and portions that all but guarantee leftovers.
leftover turkey
Dan Pennington


Limited Time Leftovers

You’re on a deadline, eat while you can

Tired of turkey sandwiches? Have you felt left out in the cold by the boring options available to you? Turkey’s versatility shouldn’t be understated, with its gamier flavor than chicken, but subtle richness in the dark meats, you’ve got a wide profile of flavors to work with.
V.28 No.47 | 11/21/2019
Eric Williams Photography

Restaurant Review

The Religion of Bacon

Bacon Jam will destroy your weight loss dreams

Bacon Jam serves the indulgent, over-the-top bacon-laden dishes your metaphorical heart has been looking for. The main pull here is simple: Bacon is amazing, and no dish has ever suffered from having bacon in it.
V.28 No.46 | 11/14/2019
Dare I say, food fit for a King?
Eric Williams Photography

Restaurant Review

Sadie’s Earned Their Crown

It's time to rectify a gap in our review catalogue

Sadie’s is New Mexican food royalty, where they reign from a castle made of love and good cooking, offering the authentic experience that you need to convince anyone who lives outside of New Mexico that their food will always pale in comparison.
V.28 No.45 | 11/7/2019
Eric Williams Photography

Restaurant Review

Building Friendships and Enchiladas

The Jealous Fork Gives You the Power To Make the Perfect Dish

The Jealous Fork, a build-your-own enchilada place, is a step away from the regularity we see in other New Mexican restaurants. It feels good to have control and choice.
This is a slightly cursed image.
Dan Pennington

Know Your Ingredients

Green Chile Versatility

Our Fave Garnish Has Many Uses

Green chile has a versatility that you so rarely see stretched to its limit, so Dan Pennington scoured the darkest corners of forgotten tombs within the state to find unique uses for green chile that you might have missed.
V.28 No.44 | 10/31/2019
Vivian in Charleston, WV, 1942

Food for Thought

The King and Pie

A Story of Pie, Royalty and Making Do

This is the story of when Vivian and two other women cooked dinner for the King and Queen of Thailand.