Free Comic Book Day

free comic book day

V.24 No.18 | 4/30/2015

Reel World

Batman: The Animated Feature

Santa Fe Launches Labor Film Festival, Midnight Movies screens Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, University of Art and Design brings back Outdoor Vision Fest.
Curious George stops by Page One at 2pm to help them celebrate their 34th birthday.

Culture Shock


Between learning contra dance, scoping artsy houses from the inside and celebrating both Independent Bookstore Day and Free Comic Book Day, there’s no time for boredom in ABQ.
V.23 No.18 | 5/1/2014
Buy yourself a little house, and then display it with "Starvation Peak Days End," oil on canvas. Heavenly!
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Frank McCulloch

Bring down the house

OFFCenter gets (Albu)quirky; Placitas Library needs labyrinth help; and FREE COMICS! in this week’s bracing dose of Culture Shock.
Moving From Emptiness at SFFF

Reel World

Santa Fe gets festive

Santa Fe Film Fest returns, “Geeks Who Drink” geeks out on Star Wars, Midnight Movies celebrates Free Comic Book Day with some animated Batman action.
V.20 No.19 | 5/12/2011
Lobo Anime & Comics
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Thanks to Frank

You Suck!

Nice Parking Jobs, Assholes!

Free Comic Book Day Assholes

Thanks to Jimmy and Frank for sending these in.

I'm sure you've seen plenty of asshole parking jobs, take a picture and email me.

V.19 No.18 |


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V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010

Alibi Picks

Today is Free Comic Book Day

There was once a time when comic books were associated only with über nerds wielding pocket protectors and taped horn-rimmed glasses. Not so much nowadays. These pictorial tales of fantasy, courage and a relatable underdog have been responsible for some of the highest-grossing films to date. Get in touch with your inner odds-beating hero or heroine as Free Comic Book Day hits the nation today. Head down to your favorite comic book store where you can snag your choice of several free comics, all for just walking into the place. For a complete list of participating stores near you, visit (Adam Fox)