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V.20 No.23 | 6/9/2011
Federer crying in 2009


A phone call from Djokovich’s superfan

After Serbia’s Novak Djokovich lost to Roger Federer in the French Open semifinals, writer Toby Smith caught up with his Burque superfan—the response was a bit surprising.
V.20 No.22 | 6/2/2011
Serbian-American Aleksandar Kostich is rooting for Novak Djokovic, the No. 2 seed at the French Open.
Toby Smith


Tennis, Serbian Style

The rise of a tennis star and his Burque superfan

For Aleks Kostich, a Serbian-American living in Albuquerque, the biggest war this week is taking place on the red-dirt courts at the French Open tennis championships. The No. 2 seed there in men’s singles is Novak Djokovic, a tall 24-year-old built like an arrow.