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V.25 No.35 | 09/01/2016

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Free Play

Friday, Sep 9: NM Game Jam

A 48 hour game development challenge uniting industry veterans, students and hobbyists to create new opportunities for game development growth in New Mexico.
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Video Games

Games Can Save the World

At TED 2010 Jane McGonigal outlines how, when applied correctly, online gaming can solve some of the bigger problems facing the world today - only 21 billion hours of collective game play a week required.

Video Games

GDC 2010, the Podcasts

The 2010 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco wrapped up this past Saturday. As you would expect, the conference attempts to keep the focus off PR and on developer idea exchange, but games journalists descend upon the event just the same, recording rigs in hand. GDC week podcasts are easily some of the more interesting coverage during the year, since developers and journalists are less focused on any particular game than they are on the conference itself. That collision of newsy vs. developer perceptions is often very enlightening (entertaining, too), and well worth a listen.

Giant Bombcast, GDC Day 1, GDC Day 2

Idle Thumbs GDC 2010: Phaedrus 2010 - 4 guys 1up 3/13/2010