Game Of Thrones or George R.r. Martin
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The Daily Word with Migraines, Mullah Omar and Manatees

The Daily Word

Taliban leader Mullah Omar may be dead.

House Republicans pass a crazy Tea Party debt plan.

Albuquerque judge arrested and charged with rape.

Michelle Bachmann gives gets migraines.

Former Santa Fe county sheriff faces 250 counts of embezzlement.

Check out this fake Chinese Apple Store.

Leopard mauls 11 people in India.

Photos from a ghost town in Cyprus, untouched by humans for almost 40 years.

McDonald's will open a 10,000 square foot, double-decker restaurant in London, for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Your crazy wife will love these crazy milk ads.

Game of Thrones adds two new cast members.

What was the coxoplectoptera?

75 ex-football players sue the NFL for concealing brain injury risks.

The Hubble Space Telescope discovers a new moon around Pluto.

The Tea Party vs. manatees.

South Park will continue for at least two more seasons.

Loch Ness-type cryptid sighted in Alaska.

Here's the new Spike Jonze directed Beastie Boys video!

Happy Birthday Dean Winters!!!

V.20 No.13 | 3/31/2011
The Daily Word


The Daily Word, with Heath Ledger, beating hearts, monkeys in cars and heroic dogs.

Ten most ignorant politicians.

A dog saved a baby.

Scientists hope lab-grown hearts will start beating soon.

Did they find a picture of Jesus?

Cops play solitaire on their little cop car computers.

Somebody got a dead mouse in a Monster Energy Drink.

Monkeys race in tiny cars.

The history of the ice-pick lobotomy.

Slate has lunch with Roger Waters.

Does the band Mogwai enjoy rectal vodka tampons?

Watch the first 12 minutes of Game of Thrones.

Most Grimm’s Fairy Tales would make good movies.

Here are some good photo bombs.

Ghoulish engineers use human blood for data storage research.

Infinite Tom Sellecks.

Thank you, slaves.

At the cloud, you must look.

Prepare for the next Ice Age.

The best of April Fools’ from around the web.

The Foothills Fire is 100% containted. The Ruidoso fire is not. The Sevillita Fire is 25% contained.

High winds left 3500 East Mountian residents without power last night.

The cops busted a drug house.

Let’s look at KOAT’s mugshots from Friday.

Happy birthday, Heath Ledger.

Thanks to Tom Nayder and Geoffrey Anjou for many of today’s top stories.