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geeks who drink

V.23 No.24 | 6/12/2014

Reel World

Wedding party

Broadway Cultural Center hosts Maria the Korean Bride, author Joe R. Lansdale introduces Cold in July, Geeks Who Drink go to Westeros, “Doctor Who” comes to movie theaters.
V.23 No.18 | 5/1/2014
Moving From Emptiness at SFFF

Reel World

Santa Fe gets festive

Santa Fe Film Fest returns, “Geeks Who Drink” geeks out on Star Wars, Midnight Movies celebrates Free Comic Book Day with some animated Batman action.
V.23 No.14 | 4/3/2014

Avengers assemble!

Get into your Avengers spandex and take a glance at all the cinematic happenings around our state.
V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010

You Are Going Down

Denver is talking shit about Albuquerque!

So. Two years ago, a tribe of mostly Albuquerque-based nerds went to the Geeks Who Drink Geek Bowl in Denver ... and they won. Boo yah. We wrote about it.

Coldcock!!! (as they call themselves) returned to the trivia competition last year and took second place.

The taste of glory remains fresh in Albuquerque’s collective mouth. But now Denver comedian Adam Cayton-Holland ( is trying to taint our nerds’ hard-won victory with the bitter flavor of shitty jokes.

Oh, Denver. I thought your inability to grasp what “Mexican food” is, not to mention the fact that your city planners can’t stop playing footsie with the Klan, were bad. But sending some no-name comic to fan the flames of contempt—with balloon fiesta material (uggghhhh), no less—how could you stoop so low?

John Dicker, Quizmaster-in-Chief of the Geeks Who Drink pub quiz franchise, passed the video along to the Alibi this morning.

Hey, Denver. Fuck you. You’re going down.