gertrude zachary

V.22 No.6 | 2/7/2013


The Daily Word in Gertrude Zachary, suicide bomber and the “Souper Bowl”

The Daily Word

A suicide bomber detonated in front of the U.S. Embassy in Turkey this morning.

New Mexico election consultants found guilty of conspiring to steal voter education money.

Jim Harbaugh’s son Jay is all in for the Ravens.

Gertrude Zachary died earlier this week at the age of 75.

It’s been 10 years since the Space Shuttle Columbia went down.

Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico’s annual “Souper Bowl” raised more than $76,000.

Carjacking plot foiled because of stick shift.

V.20 No.3 | 1/20/2011


Wall Street Journal gets wind of Gertrude Zachary’s castle

“Turret” is not a word I see often, but it’s totally appropriate when you’re writing about Gertrude Zachary’s home. I’ve driven past it so many times, I almost don’t notice it anymore, but Downtown Albuquerque boasts a gray and blue palace owned by the local jewelry magnate.

The article offers detailed descriptions of the building’s interior. I’ve always wondered what was in there. (Hot garage-decorating tip: Think, “stained glass.”)

Writer Julia Flynn Siler opens the WSJ piece by saying the mansion is stands “over a barren industrial neighborhood locals call skid row.” I’ve never heard that area called skid row, and I’ve lived near it for more than a decade. Though train tracks run through it, I’m not quite sure “industrial” fits either.

Still, I get what Siler’s driving at—it’s a strange place for a palace. Albuquerque is, overall, a weird locale for anything sporting turrets. But what is this town if not a little odd? Sometimes all the disparate elements are the unifying factor in Burque. So it kind of works, too.