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We have solutions to your December dread.

V.28 No.46 | 11/14/2019
christmas tree

Gift Guide

Local Gift Guide 2019

Give the gift of stuff and more stuff

Whether you’re looking to give presents on Hanukkah or Festivus or Christmas or Kwanzaa or whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s nice to support the local economy. So we’ve asked our wise and generous Alibi editors to offer up some of their favorite New Mexico-made/New Mexico-sold products, suitable for wrapping up and giving away.

Gift Guide 2019

Foodie Gifts

Give locally-made yummies.
medicinal gifts

Gift Guide 2019

Medicinal Gifts

Give locally-made CBD stuff.
Eagle Drums

Gift Guide 2019

Musical Gifts

Give locally-made music or instruments.
V.27 No.46 | 11/15/2018
Compass Earrings
Casa Brujaja

Gift Guide

Local Gift Guide 2018

We don’t know how to break this to you, gentle readers, but Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means that Christmas is about to hit us all like a ton of bricks.
V.26 No.48 | 11/30/2017
Santa Fe Spirits

Gift Guide

Spirits of Giving

Boozy Gift Guide

If you’re looking to pass along a little taste of New Mexico this holiday season, particularly to out-of-town friends and relatives, local booze is an increasingly good way to go. After all, what’s more New Mexico than green chile vodka, blue corn bourbon or piñon rum?
V.26 No.46 | 11/16/2017

Gift Guide

Shop Local, Give Local

A guide to New Mexico-made products perfect for holiday gift-giving

You might want to start thinking about your holiday shopping. Here at the Alibi, we like to promote local stores, manufacturers, artists, musicians and craftspeople so we’ve turned to our well-versed section editors for a look at some interesting items from right here in the Land of Enchantment.
The Drifter

Gift Guide

Artsy Gifts

Give art made by local artists.
Classical Guitar, model number M-1

Gift Guide

Musical Gifts

Give locally-made music or instruments.
Nasario Remembers the Rio Puerto DVD

Gift Guide

Cinematic Gifts

Give locally-made movies.
glass pipe

Gift Guide

Smokable Gifts

Give locally-made glasswork.
V.25 No.50 | 12/15/2016
St Martin’s

Charity Gift Guide

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Stick it to the Man by donating to charities instead of buying material goods

Instead of buying cheap body lotion that will be regifted six times, spend that money on a donation in the name of your special someone to an organization that is working to change the world for the better.
V.25 No.49 | 12/8/2016

Gift Guide

“The World is but a Canvas to our Imaginations”

Get out there and paint the town

If wealth is the ability to fully experience life, then why not use your monetary wealth to garner some experiences for those you care about?