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V.26 No.26 | 6/29/2017
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Rob M.

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Memorable Edibles

Canna-candies ain’t so sweet

Rini Grammer treats PTSD-triggered anger by smoking a legendary strain but is disappointed by the taste of cannabis hard candies.
V.25 No.52 | 12/29/2016
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Rob M

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The Baked Goods Awards Ceremony

The year’s best dispensaries and strains

Joshua Lee honors dispensaries and strains in the First Annual Baked Goods Awards.
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The Daily Word 02.02.11: Another Snow Day, Medical Clowns, Free Porn

The Daily Word

Yes, yes it's really cold out. Just try and keep it together, ok?

The unrest in Egypt is continuing, even after Mubarak pledges to leave office.

Congressional Republicans are trying to redefine rape.

Depressing real estate story #34.

Teenage wolf pack members arrested in Pennsylvania.

Glenn Beck uses chalkboards to equate the uprising in Egypt to the beginning of the End Times.

Feel bad after reading the latest leaked Fox News memo, then feel worse after watching a new fake pimp and ho video targeting Planned Parenthood. Then eat some cake.

What's the deal with all that free porn online?

It looks like Borders is nearing bankruptcy.

When am I gonna get my vat-grown hamburgers?

Zsa Zsa Gabor is near death. Goodbye citylife! (too soon?)

Apple is trying to take a bigger piece of all content sold on it's devices.

The best of sexual harassment stock photography.

Why didn't anyone tell me Dunkin' Donuts had new donuts?

Five things to do with your old laptop.

Original Robospanker for sale, only $500. Wait, what?

How to make your own Girl Scout Thin Mints.

Medical clowns (?) can help women get pregnant.

More oral sex = more cancer.

Happy birthday Brent Spiner!

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History Lesson

DayBird - March 12th

1912 – The Girl Guides (later renamed the Girl Scouts of the USA) are founded.

1922 – Jack Kerouac, American writer (d. 1969) He lived with his mother. And repeated himself.

1925 - Chinese revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen died at age 58.

1933 – Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses the nation for the first time as President of the United States. This was also the first of his "fireside chats". They were not held by a fireplace, nor were they chats. Discuss.

1946 - Liza Minnelli Original Gansta. Here she is in Cabaret.

1955 – Charlie Parker, American jazz saxophonist (b. 1920)

1969 - Police raid George Harrison’s casa for drugs. He is reported to have told the officers "You needn't have turned the whole bloody place upside down. All you had to do was ask me and I would have shown you where I keep everything." Oh that Georgie, always so helpful. He had hash, like a shit load. Harrison and his wife Pattie Boyd are arrested, and missed Paul and Linda McCartney's wedding. On this day too. Same police guy raided Lennon the year before and was later arrested, himself, for planting drugs.

1980 - A Chicago jury found John Wayne Gacy Jr. guilty of the murders of 33 men and boys. As if clowns weren’t scary enough already.

1993 - Janet Reno was sworn in as the nation's first female attorney general.

2000 - Pope John Paul II asked God's forgiveness for the sins of Roman Catholics through the ages, including wrongs inflicted on Jews, women and minorities. So are we cool?

2008 - New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned two days after reports had surfaced that he was a client of a prostitution ring. #9