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The Daily Word 8.27.2010: No porn for N. Korea, anti-dope dealers, American's are dumb

The Daily Word

And you thought your internet connection was crap.

Newsflash: Pot dealers don't want weed legalized.

Susana Martinez leads Diane Denish, among people who take polls.

Why won't that Chinese dude buy your house? Because the feng shui is all f'd up.

This Japanese guy calls Americans something mean.

Let's feed him to the Germans!

Tourism in Guam goes up.

No PowerPoint, no killing people. Got it?

75 Rio Rancho kids had the crap scared out of them this morning. Oh, and there's probably a job opening for a new bus driver.

Cash for cocks! (Totally safe for work, I promise.)

Guess what's under the World Trade Center site? Hint: It's not a mosque.

Bike helmets are stupid.

Whoo hoo! The internet is crazy again.

Happy Friday.

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The Daily Word 08.04.10: Meat House, Gorilla Glass, Drew Carey

The Daily Word

Why would someone try to kill Iranian President Ahmadinejad?

Nine dead in Connecticut workplace shooting.

I guess the leaking Gulf oil well is plugged for now.

Wyclef Jean says he will run for president of Haiti. What could go wrong?

Family facing foreclosure finds a copy of Action Comics #1 in an old dresser.

When the bank forecloses on my house, I want to live in a meat house.

Is organized crime placing hackers in big companies? Probably.

Mayor Berry unveils a new policy for city employees charged with DWI.

Here are ten criminals proven innocent after execution.

What's going on with all the olds in Tokyo?

Shoplifter runs out of store, forgets baby.

After operating a family farm for 378 years, the Tuttles are calling it quits.

Don't buy food in any of these gross-ass stadiums.

Being alone on your birthday may be the greatest present of them all.

Gorilla glass?

Barnes & Noble puts itself up for sale.

Loading PDFs on your iPhone could lead to trouble.

99% of all UFO videos are bullshit, what about these?

Matt Lauer gets the first post-presidential George W. Bush interview.

A field guide to the 20 people you meet on Facebook (#10 is the worst).

The worlds largest digital photograph will probably crash your computer if you look at it. But the cool long exposure photos won't.

God bless the person who combined Kanye West's tweets with New Yorker cartoons.

Mythbusters is renewed for another seven (!!!) seasons.

I like my Drew Carey on the chubby side.