gulf coast

V.19 No.34 | 8/26/2010


Scenes from the Gulf

After Hurricane Katrina, Grand Isle, La., an island with a population of about 1,500 people, was in ruins. But fishermen there say the BP oil spill is much worse. “Katrina in New Orleans is nothing compared to what this is,” Harry Cheramie says. “This here is totally different. ... How do we help each other? What do we do?"

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Ugly/beautiful images from the Gulf Coast

The issue hitting stands today and tomorrow includes an excellent article about the oil beneath the surface of the Gulf Coast. Ambitious Alibi intern Patrick Lohmann (who’s also the Daily Lobo’s editor in chief) took a drive to Grand Isle, La., to see the impact of the spill for himself. He spoke to fishermen, BP reps and a hermit crab-saving ranger.

Look for the article online this evening. In the meantime, we’ve compiled this slideshow that gets up close to the oil clumping on our shores. I recommend a full-screen view.