V.25 No.23 | 06/09/2016

The Daily Word in Church, Nachos and Head Grenades

The Daily Word

Bernie is "stirred by his emotions?" I would never have guessed. Take a look at these handwriting analyses of the candidates.

NASA is funding research into hitching rides on asteroids as a form of space travel.

A ten-year-old boy had a brilliant idea: blue corn chips for the nachos at the Brewers' concession stands. That way,the nachos match the team colors! "Tyler's Nachos" will be on sale today at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

What was thought to be a lost underwater city has been discovered to be ancient bacterial concretions.

In case you were worried: A study has shown that multiple parallel lines at the checkout lane is faster than the traditional single line preferred by movie and concert ticket booths.

Colombian doctors successfully removed a live grenade from a soldier's head. Another soldier accidentally fired a grenade launcher and embedded one of the explosive devices in his comrade's skull. The operation was done in the parking lot in case it exploded.

Join the Church of the Universe, because weed.

V.22 No.50 | 12/12/2013


The Daily Word in APD shootings, family photos and band names

The Daily Word

NYC has a new cold weather cockroach.

The Japanese have invented the world’s thinnest condom.

Funny band names of 2013.

You write like a girl.

Enjoy Rebecca Black’s new song “Saturday.”

Get ready for Facebook’s new Sympathize Button.

What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke?

Read Kristen Wiig’s Mad Libs profile.

Travel through time with 50 years of toys.

Enjoy the latest batch of awkward family photos.

There was another APD shooting last night, and an unrelated SWAT standoff.

There were over 35 car crashes in Albuquerque yesterday.

Happy birthday Michael Dorn.