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V.26 No.7 | 02/16/2017

Event Horizon

A Heavenly Pleasure

Friday, Feb 24: The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics

A film about Catholic social teaching on issues related to sex and sexuality and features interviews with leading experts in the fields of Catholic theology, philosophy and ethics.
V.26 No.5 | 02/02/2017

Event Horizon

Heart of Injustice

Friday, Feb 3: Recycled Heart

Mixed media and recycled art by local artists. Runs through 2/23.
V.25 No.34 | 08/25/2016

Event Horizon

Building Bridges

Friday, Sep 2: Bridge: Arts and Social Justice

Three exibitions centered around photography, cultural traditions and sculpture. Runs through 9/29.
V.24 No.1 |


The Daily Word in the Harwood Art Center, addictive marijuana and a sad dog

The Daily Word

Here is a great reason to always wear your seat belt.

The alleged Jeffrey Epstein prostitution ring has a New Mexico connection.

Christopher Cook was arrested early this morning and is suspected to be the man who shot an APD officer last weekend.

There is some kind of major transformation about to take place on Mountain Road NW.

Dog left at train station with his luggage.

There are indications in Colorado that marijuana can be physically addicting.

Rather than marry any same-sex couples 14 counties in Florida simply stopped marrying anyone at all.

The gray wolf that was spotted at the Grand Canyon may have been shot.

V.22 No.6 |

Alibi Picks

Fostering Creative Development for Albuquerque Artists

Teen Art Mentorship Program

The Harwood Arts Center, located at the corner of 7th and Mountain, is one of the city's premier venues for showcasing contemporary art by both emerging and established artists.  Each year, the Harwood offers opportunities for artists to develop and share work with each other and the community at large, and the Center offers a broad range of events and education programming to foster its ongoing mission. The Harwood Center recently announced that it is now accepting applications for a number of different opportunities for artists and the merely art-interested. Among these are proposals for exhibitions in the Harwood Galleries between now and throughout 2014 (due March 15) as well as applications for an Emerging Artist Program in June 2013 (also due March). In the summer of 2013, the Harwood will again be hosting Art Camp for children and teens. Also for teen artists, a spring Teen Art Mentorship Program begins tomorrow. The Center also is hosting a teen art project which offers paid apprenticeships for teens at the Mayor's Art Institute. Applications are due March 22nd. Visit the Harwood's website at harwoodartcenter.org for more information on all education programming. Harwood Art Center • Wed Feb 13 • 4:30 pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar

V.21 No.48 |

Alibi Picks

Back in 2010, writer Stephen Moss was vying to be named Oxford professor of poetry. In the midst of running (perhaps sensing he wouldn't be chosen), he posed a question to other logophiles: What is poetry for, anyway? Poet George Szirtes told Moss that the art form represents human attempts to express in words the profundity of our existence. It's a tricky proposition—giving form to the formless, speaking the unutterable. Sari Kroskinsky, an Albuquerque-based poet and publisher of online journal Fickle Muses (ficklemuses.com), has upped that ante by centering her new collection of verses, god-chaser, on (wo)man's quest to connect with the divine. Which, as you'll find at Krosinksky's book launch and reading, can take unexpected forms—sometimes mythic, sometimes mundane, often characterized by longing and contradiction. God can fight dirty, Krosinksy's writes before addressing her deity directly: “and then you bless me / for spite.” For more, go to outerchildpoetry.com. Harwood Art Center • Thu Nov 29 • 7 pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar

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V.19 No.48 | 12/2/2010
We have no idea who did this. All the art is anonymous.

Gallery Preview

Plywood at the Harwood

Nearly 100 square feet of art on sale

The most common route an arts organization takes when it sets up a fundraiser is to indiscriminately shove 3,000 works into a gallery space.

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V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010


Concerts for Cures

Concerts For Cures, happening this weekend here in Albuquerque, uses the power of music to bring communities together to fight cancer. This year many local artists are contributing to the cause. On Saturday, the concert happens at 4 p.m. at The Harwood Art Center (1114 Seventh Street NW at Mountain). This early show is all-ages and features six bands including The CPC Band, Chicken Noodle Chainsaw, Recycleman, The Chuck Hawley Group, The Goat Heads and an All Star Funk Jam with The Saturday Night Fever Blisters. The late show starts a 9 p.m. at Low Spirits (2923 Second Street NW). Felonious Groove Foundation, Saving Damsels and Leah Black, along with secret, special guests will play to raise not only funds but awareness this weekend. In addition, on Sunday, Cafe Green (located at 319 Fifth Street SW at Lead) will hold a Jazz Brunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with The Jazztet. Make sure to open your ears and wallet for a great cause.

V.19 No.24 | 6/17/2010
Mmm, delicious words

Aural Fixation

Break Beat Poetica

Idris Goodwin is a hip-hop sundae

Idris Goodwin is the Neapolitan ice cream of words. He’s a rapper, an HBO Def Poet and an award-winning writer. His material mixes and serves the best elements of these genres. He’s also a “hip-hop educator” who has lectured in institutions across the country on themes like culture and empowerment. Literary journals have published him and clubs have played his music. Goodwin is from Chicago but has duel residence in Illinois and New Mexico. The cherry on top is that he’ll perform as part of the Wordstream Poetry Series at the Harwood Art Center on Friday, June 18. (Full disclosure: In 2006 I acted in Goodwin’s play Braising.)

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V.19 No.8 | 2/25/2010
The Squash Blossom Boys

Music to Your Ears

Early to Rock, Early to Rise

Remember when you used to go out on the town almost every night of the week, sampling the ripe fruits of your town’s musical loins? Are those days gone, perhaps replaced by the fruit of your own loins and the responsibilities of adulthood? A new concert series unfolding at the Harwood Art Center aims to soothe the sonic aches of parents in this particular predicament.

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