V.23 No.14 | 4/3/2014


The Daily Word on the City Council meeting, APD violence and Mickey Rooney died.

The Daily Word

Today at 5pm, the Albuquerque City Council meeting will exclusively consider the issue of public safety and APD violence.

Meanwhile, APD got their own rally of support on Sunday.

Rest in peace, Mickey Rooney and John Pinette.

There were earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Cops and firemen duked it out in a charity hockey game.

Watch what happens when an alligator bites an electric eel.

Oxygen injections make breathing unnecessary.

They’re making a Goonies sequel.

Scientists have given names to 15 more emotions.

New MU-MIMO chips will triple wifi speeds.

Someone is pooping on slides in Michigan.

The Supreme Court ruled that Elane Photography’s refusal to photograph gay weddings is discriminatory.

Happy birthday, James Garner.

V.22 No.26 | 6/27/2013


Chicago Blackhawks Even Out Stanley Cup Finals

Series tied 2-2 heading back to Chicago

On Wednesday night, the Stanley Cup Finals went to overtime for the third time in five games—tying a record for second place in OT games in Stanley Cup Finals histor—when the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins in game four of what's already been a compelling series.

The instant classic game one was incredible and set the tone for two teams that have both shown a willingness to fight for every scrap. Chicago needed three extra periods to get it done, but winning at home was expected. Chicago did, after all, finish the regular season with the best record, thus earning home ice advantage in the Finals. But game 2 went to overtime as well and, despite the home ice, Boston stole the game, negating Chicago's raucous crowd.

Boston pressed their momentum by capturing game 3 in what was a disappointing letdown compared to the thrills of games one and two. With a two-nil victory, it seemed as though Boston had solved the problem of Chicago's defense, while cementing Tuukka Rask's reputation as a goalie destined for greatness.

The claim almost immediately became moot, as Rask allowed five goals in the three regulation periods and the Blackhawks crashed into their latest victory with a goal by Brent Seabrook just under 10 minutes into the extra time. Rask will remain one of the top names in the game and one loss won't tarnish his record too much, but his teammate Jarmoir Jagr will surely attest to the need for not only winning but continued winning.

The series now heads back to Chicago for game 5 on Saturday night, which can be seen on NBC at 6 p.m. MST.

V.21 No.49 | 12/6/2012


NHL Lockout Deepens

This past weekend, the National Hockey League should have been entering its ninth week of the season. While ESPN's front page for the NHL touts their collaboration with EA Sports on an innovative video game, no simulation highlights package is going to cover up the fact that the NHL, having canceled their season through mid-December's All Star Break, is in a precipitous position.

When the NHL announced that it was scrubbing the All-Star Game, the season should have already been under way. In truth, this has been a long time coming. Some hockey fans might even claim that it's a remnant from the previous lockout.

The poll results on ESPN's article, although far from scientific, speak strongly to people's beliefs that there will not be a hockey season this year. The commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, has taken his fair share of the blame for this lockout. But there will always be those who look at the situation from the outside and think any players refusing to play a game for thousands—or hundreds of thousands—of dollars are the greedy ones. With the NHL Players’ Association union chief, Donald Fehr claiming that the sides are close to working out a deal and Bettman claiming the opposite, it's hard to know what exactly is going to happen with this season.

Stars such as Sidney Crosby are reportedly looking into playing overseas. This is a fine option if you're one of the most marketable names in the entire league, but doesn't help many more than the top ten percent of the NHL. Having gone witnessed one recently, NBA fans are familiar with situations such as JR Smith's delayed return from China and the troubles that might be associated with playing outside the U.S.

The back-and-forth of professional hockey has been more of a rule than an exception in comparison to other leagues, but that doesn't excuse the lack of progress by now. Bettman's palpable anger at a recent press conference is merely the latest salvo in a war that's been waged since he took over as commissioner of the league. It's also a sharp reminder that the NHL is the only major sports league in America to ever miss an entire season. Seven years ago, the entirety of the 2004-2005 season was lost to labor disputes.

With rumors circulating this morning that that more games had been canceled, the NHL is teetering on the brink of furthering its own irrelevance and setting back most, if not all, of the gains that had been made since that lost season.

V.21 No.10 | 3/8/2012


The Daily Word in Super Tuesdays, presidential McNuggets and robotic cheetahs

The Daily Word

It’s Super Tuesday for the GOP. Barbara Bush calls it the “worst campaign” she’s ever seen.

The White House suddenly moves the G-8 economic summit from Chicago to Camp David, Maryland.

A secret meth lab caused a fire in an Ohio nursing home.

Fear of an Obama re-election is sparking huge gun sales in Texas.

A survey finds that Americans are, indeed, the world’s worst tourists.

A bar is under scrutiny for denying “Ladies’ Night” drink specials to a transgender woman.

A moviegoer sues a theater for ridiculously high snack prices. That’s why you sneak them in.

Could climate change be responsible for the death of hockey?

A Chicken McNugget resembling George Washington sells for $8,100.

Prepare yourselves for Animal House: The Musical.

A robotic cheetah sets a new speed record for machines with legs.

V.19 No.22 | 6/3/2010


American vs. American in the Stanley Cup Finals

Hockey's journey for Lord Stanley's Cup is near its end for the 2010 season. The final matchup pits the Chicago Blackhawks against the Philadelphia Flyers. As someone who knows nothing about hockey, this is disappointing for a couple reasons:

First of all, the top-seeded Washington Capitals were taken out in the first round. From what I understand, this is not an uncommon occurrence, this choking by D.C.’s hockey squad. I guess that makes the Caps the Tony Romo of the NHL?

Second, the team that took out those top-seeded Caps—the Montreal Canadiens—then took out the defending champs the Pittsburgh Penguins in an epic series that saw alternating teams take turns winning, until the last game. After building all this goodwill as the obvious choice for the People's Champ, the Montreal Canadiens promptly got punked out of the playoffs, avoiding a sweep by a mere one game. The Flyers smashed the Habs, with the lone exception of Game 3.

On the other side of the bracket, San Jose started off by taking out the only team that I know enough to root for by virtue of physical proximity, the Colorado Avalanche. This, then, shifted my alliances to those same Sharks, seeing as they represented the Left Coast—and were a lot closer than the remaining teams. When San Jose took out the Detroit Red Wings (can it really be considered Hockey City, still?), I thought I'd found a hot team to ride. Chicago put a quick stop to those thoughts, though, as they swept the Sharks. Though the games were closer than the 4-0 mark reveals.

So, what now for a hockey neophyte? Moving past the disappointment, it appears as though the City of Brotherly Love will be the underdog against the Blackhawks. The games start tomorrow, so that gives us all a little time to do a little research if we don't just want to go for the team with the longer odds. The first two games will be on NBC (apparently Philly's home venue only ranks Versus?) and hockey looks great in HD. Plus, two American teams vying for a traditionally Canadian sport's trophy? We can't go wrong.