V.19 No.30 |
H.M. Vanderbeek


Taqueria Mexico Está en Línea

Today for lunch I enjoyed a chile relleno burrito, asada torta, french fries slathered in Tapatío and a melon agua fresca. This flavor explosion took place at Taqueria Mexico. The little restaurant on the corner of Lomas and Edith (414 Lomas NE, to be exact), is a sparkling jewel in Albuquerque's small but mighty culinary crown. On today's visit, rather than the abundance of festive decorations for a forthcoming holiday (I guess there are no immediately forthcoming holidays) that usually inhabit the interior, there were notices. The first alerted customers (three times on neon paper) that the Taqueria now has tripitas. I'll let Alibi food critic Ari Levaux explain what they are and why you should eat them. (I'm still scared.) The second called attention to the restaurant's presence on the web—here's its site, and here's the facebook page. Now you can salivate over the menu from the comfort of your home or workplace. Fabuloso!