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V.21 No.10 | 3/8/2012

Food for Thought

Sunny Side Up

A better life for egg-layers and the humans who love them

The age-old debate over which came first seems close to being resolved in favor of the chicken. After years of hens being treated as little more than egg-dispensers, concern is rising for the well-being of the layers themselves. Meanwhile, the practice of personal flock-keeping is on the upswing. Across the country, and in many parts of the world, chicken-first approaches are supplanting the simple quest to create the cheapest eggs possible.

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V.20 No.30 | 7/28/2011
Ari LeVaux

Food for Thought

Cage Fight

Is this the beginning of better factory farms?

When news broke on July 7 that United Egg Producers had struck a deal with longtime nemesis the Humane Society of the United States, a lot of people had to check and make sure they weren't reading The Onion by mistake. The surprise announcement drew gasps of "stunning," "historic" and "landmark" from observers in the food and agriculture community. The often bitter antagonists appear to have buried the hatchet, at least temporarily, and not up each other's bottoms. Gary Truitt, in Hoosier Ag Today, wrote: "Unprecedented does not do the situation justice."

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V.20 No.1 | ?

Alibi Picks

Coats for Cubs

With all the clothing you received over the holidays, a proper closet downsizing may be in order. Bring any unwanted (real) fur items to Buffalo Exchange (3005 Central NE) through Earth Day (April 22) for its annual Coats for Cubs program. All donated fur will be recycled and used by the Humane Society to make beds for orphaned or injured animals and wildlife. Condition is unimportant, so even those raggedy old hand-me-downs will be accepted. For more information, and to find out how to claim a tax deduction on all fur donations, visit