V.29 No.23 | 6/4/2020

News Feature

COVID-19 Lifeline Grants for Non-Profits

The New Mexico Humanities Council is currently accepting and approving grant applications up to $7,500 for New Mexico humanities-focused non-profit organizations effected by the COVID-19 crisis.
V.20 No.28 | 7/14/2011
Emily Leach at the 2010 Albuquerque conference
Dawn Allynn Photography

Art News

TED Time!

Ideas worth spreading. This is the mission of the nonprofit organization TED, which works toward changing attitudes, lives and the world. It began with two annual conferences where some of the world’s greatest innovators and insight-givers were challenged to give the best talk they could in 18 minutes or less. Videos of the talks are regularly posted online for everyone to watch, share and love.

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